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Not all influencer marketing platforms are the same, each has its own USP and benefits. Over time we aim to list the best technologies and platforms that can help brands not only connect with content creators but ensure campaigns are executed smartly and measured.

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Influencer Marketing Marketplaces



Blogfoster builds technology that helps professional bloggers and social media influencers analyse, manage and effectively monetise their reach. Thousands of bloggers and several hundred advertisers already use this market-leading technology.

To enable cooperation, it’s crucial for both advertisers and influencers to rely on accurate data, measurement, and transparency. That’s why Blogfoster has developed its own tracking solution: Blogfoster Insights – a tracking tool every blogger integrates on their website that provides relevant data to bloggers as well as advertisers.



HYPR’s in-depth influencer marketing platform houses profiles and audience demographic information for over 10 million influencers across major social channels, making it the world’s largest and smartest influencer marketplace. Marketers can reach large audiences at scale by targeting influencers based on their audience demographics such as age, location and interests. Having access to these audience insights is paramount to running a successful influencer marketing campaign. Let us show you how it works.



TRIBE is the world’s fastest-growing self-serve marketplace connecting brands with micro-influencers. These are everyday citizens who’ve cultivated an intimate community of 3,000+ followers around their passion for crafting engaging content on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

In minutes, brands create a brief and invite thousands of micro-influencers to submit a creative post with a fee attached. If the brand approves it, the influencer publishes it directly to their socials and is paid immediately. Since brands only pay for the posts they purchase, it costs nothing but a few minutes to cast the net and watch the submissions roll in.



Traackr enables brands to a one system-of-record for influencer discovery, management and analytics to scale the impact of influencer relationships across your organisation. Traackr’s platform powers leading influencer programs for B2B and B2C global enterprises such as L’Oréal, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, Merck, Roche and Capital One. Traackr is an international company with offices in San Francisco, Boston, New York, Paris and London.



Whalar is ‘liberating the creative voice’ by providing a new operating model for brands to access high-quality creative work and engaged audiences. Whalar is the only influencer marketing platform that is a Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat approved partner. The quality of creative and scalability of their approach is always what blows people away so see it for yourself by checking out the website.



Tailify is a full-service data-driven partner for Influencer Marketing, with an award-winning end-to-end platform. We are the preferred influencer partner for the world’s most discerning brands and agencies, with offices in four countries and over five years’ experience of launching successful influencer campaigns at scale.


Main Scrunch

Scrunch is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover the right bloggers and social media Influencers.

Scrunch has one of the world’s largest Influencer databases with over 20 million profiles and billions of data points. The platform makes it easy to get the data you need about your Influencers, plus has some awesome CRM and outreach style functions to make managing your campaigns easy.



InfluencerDB is on a mission to make influencer marketing simple, transparent and data-driven so that brands can harness the power of digital influencers. Their customers go to them for everything from data-driven software solutions to industry-leading insights into professional education and development.

They have aggregated data on nearly 1.6 million influencers from around the world, and we analyse over 50 million Instagram posts per month to establish these influencers’ reach and effectiveness. InfluencerDB is Europe’s leading influencer marketing platform, working with brands such as H&M, Asics, Cluse and Lufthansa.



Ghostlamp provides agencies and brands with an efficient platform to launch influencer marketing campaigns, engaging real people through millions of registered influencers worldwide. The Ghostlamp platform automates the process of finding, contracting and paying influencers giving you the power to start a movement in minutes.

On Ghostlamp, you purchase real impact for your brand measured in EPIC, not a number of influencers or pieces of content. EPIC is a unified engagement metric for all social channels.


Sprinklr is one of the world’s leading social suites. Sprinklr provides social marketing, advertising, research and care – including influencer marketing capabilities – on one unified software platform. Large brands with complex social media management needs, such as Nike and Microsoft, rely on Sprinklr to handle their social strategies.


Understand who influences your brand, competitors, and market trends with Sideqik. Use social intelligence to discover new audiences, new influencers, and new ideas. Sideqik makes it easy to tap into culture, vet potential influencers, and understand strategies that are working for your brand and competition.

Open Influence

From influencer identification to campaign management and reporting, Open Influence offers a highly efficient platform designed around the complexities of influencer marketing. Open Influence’s proprietary platform boasts the industry’s largest collection of influencer data and leverages machine learning and image recognition to analyse more than 90 million pieces of content from over 465,000 influencers and counting.


The platform Influence4Brands has now become the largest platform for influence marketing in France and one of the leaders in Europe, with more than 100,000 influencers registered. The tool aims to connect brands and agencies with influencers through campaigns (paid or unpaid) available on all social networks. Thanks to a database with few millions of influencers, Influence4Brands can recruit the influencers based on the brand criteria to find the best ones. The brands are also able to review the posts and adjust the payment based on the brief fulfillment.


ZINE’s powerful technology applies a data-driven approach to influencer marketing by using insights and analytics to connect brands with the right influencers, then optimises campaign performance with its digital campaign management and automated reporting. The end-to-end digital workflow reduces the time campaign managers spend on research, execution, and post-campaign reporting. ZINE’s mission is to raise standards in the influencer marketing space through increased transparency and uses technology to increase the efficiency of campaign management.


HypeAuditor is the Instagram analytics tool that helps safeguard authenticity in influencer marketing. It applies machine learning to determine behavioral patterns and identify fake followers and engagement on influencer accounts. HypeAuditor provides audience data insights, including audience demographic data, interests, engagement rate and engagement authenticity, followers quality, followers growth analysis and other.


Tagger is the end-to-end influencer marketing solution. Plan your campaign, build your list, activate creators, and report on campaign success with a convenient all-in-one SaaS solution. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time cultivating relationships. Tagger helps you accelerate brand partnerships to take your business to new heights.


Influencer One is your complete influencer marketing platform, combining all stages of your influencer marketing strategy into one simple solution. You can now identify, monitor and value your digital marketing superstars in one place.

Influencer One provides one platform that unites teams, influencers, and campaigns into one monitorable hub. From choosing the most relevant brand ambassadors from the millions available worldwide to monitoring your campaigns’ ROI, this complete solution will make your influencer management smoother, more results driven, and ultimately, more impactful.


Onalytica provides consultancy-led influencer marketing software for marketing and communications professionals looking to identify and engage with social media influencers. Their software enables brands to implement and run structured influencer relationship management programs with large influencer communities to improve brand awareness, perception and demand generation.

Onalytica has created over 1,000 B2B and B2C influencer programmes for global clients.


Stellar is the first tool that helps brands and agencies create their own, custom influencer marketing platform from scratch, straight from their Excel spreadsheets or the influencers’ account pages on social media. With Stellar, influencers statistics are updated daily, unauthentic audiences are detected, and finally, all posts, stories, events, and campaigns can be monitored and analysed in real time, ensuring ROI live measurement.

IMPACT, (powered by Audience2Media)

IMPACT Logo pink purple 2

Leveraging our experience of audience targeting since 2009, launching IMPACT on the market with deep expertise in data analytics and result driven advertising, we are proud to have built a robust and easy to use platform. IMPACT launched in September 2018, an influencer marketing platform with access to 47m+ global influencers allowing the automation for the end to end process from searching relevant content creators, creative activation to deep analytics. IMPACT includes all major social media platforms allowing seamless communication and campaign management generating experiences for consumers that result in industry-leading levels of brand engagement. Our clients are digital-first and all campaigns have an ROI focus.

IMPACT connects brands with influential people delivering relevant audiences for each campaign. The granular data mining allows us to ensure the demographics, geo-locations, and interests of the followers are aligned to the target audience, ensuring brand safety, authenticity to eliminate influencer fraud and wastage on marketing spend.


Influencer is an influencer marketing platform, which connects brands with a vetted network of influential content creators on social media to create branded content at scale. Influencer is first and foremost a platform but also operates a managed service to brands who would like their team of in-house experts to manage the campaign for them.

Shopping Links
shopping links

Shopping Links provides technology to assist brands to track and view media posted by creators all in one place. The company actively manages creator relationships for leading international brands with a focus on aligning them with content creators who share their target audience. Placing a high value on direct relationships and transparency, Shopping Links provides brands with industry-leading results tracking and conversion metrics through comprehensive campaign results and performance data.

From its earliest days of hand-selecting bloggers for the network, Shopping Links has operated based on the belief that authentic, long-term relationships between brands and content creators lead to the strongest ROI, and its results have proved the theory. With this long-term approach, Shopping Links has seen brands continue to see sales and engagement months after a collaboration was posted.


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InfluencEye is an intelligent influencer search and analytics engine tailored for brands and marketers worldwide to finding niche representatives, initiate collaboration with them, and measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns. InfluencEye allows access to more than 10 million influential accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

Marketers can track posting activity, audience growth and demographics, dynamics of user engagement, and other performance metrics. They can tap into influencers’ location, some most shared content, and influencers’ public contacts. This engine also provides information on past influencer-brand collaborations, the authenticity of influencers’ followers, and more. Let InfluencEye help you organise your influencer network and keep track of your marketing campaigns with up to dozens of participants for achieving your business goals.

socialpubli.jpg is a self-serve micro-influencer platform where brands and agencies can create and configure their own campaigns in five minutes. Founded in 2015, has consistently grown year over year positioning itself as one of the world leaders in micro-influencer marketing with 120,000 opt-in influencers in 35 countries and an audience that reaches over two billion people.

The platform offers an end-to-end solution that enables brands to leverage the power of micro-influencers to deliver unprecedented levels of engagement and drive meaningful and authentic conversations on social media. Marketers post a brief which is then distributed to influencers who choose whether or not they’d like to participate and submit content for review. Brands only pay for influencer content that they’ve approved for publication. Influencers get paid automatically once the content is posted.



Reachbird is an AI-based influencer marketing platform for professionalized influencer identification, campaign management, brand-influencer relationship building, and long-term influencer collaborations. As a hybrid between technology and agency solutions, Reachbird implements holistic influencer campaigns and demonstrates excellence at every step of the value chain. Combining Reachbird’s intelligent influencer marketing technology with a team of experts, it takes your brand’s influencer marketing to the next level. From well-known global brands to international agencies, the brand portfolio is diverse. Reachbird values honesty and transparency, providing clients with access to its data-based platform, as well as live campaign analytics.



Shoperr is a product recommendation platform that gives users a commission from 5-15% depending on the item and the retailer. It’s already partnered with major e-commerce platforms and retailers, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. The key is, anyone can recommend products using Shoperr – not just influencers, so it’s a great way to build Christmas lists for kids to share with family, recommend products to your friends that you know they would like and earn some money back while shopping online. Or if you are an influencer, it’s a great way to share the products you love with the people who follow you and track your own sales, rather than relying on a company’s code to do it for you.



MNFST is an independent, privately held, global company headquartered in London that operates an online marketplace of commercial and non-profit social media ads available to billions of users on multiple social networks. It’s the first crowd promotion platform in the world. For users, MNFST is a place where they can be rewarded for showing support for the causes, events, and brands they love. Users can use segmentation and AR technology to create static or video posts in just 3 taps.



IconReel is an influencer search engine with AI-powered analytics and full-service creative agency that helps businesses thrive in the digital age by partnering with influencers on social media to drive business growth. is an Instagram AI analytics software-as-a-service that can analyse any public Instagram Profile or Instagram Hashtag. provides useful and actionable deep-data analytics for Brand Marketers, Agencies, and Influencers across the industry – from Fortune 500 companies to startups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Post For Rent

post for rent

Post For Rent is an online marketplace and management platform for content, offering an all-in-one solution for brands and influencers to manage their workflow and payments. The platform empowers brands to find the most suitable ambassadors or audiences for their campaigns, regardless of their influencer marketing expertise or budget size, through data-driven analytics. It also empowers influencers and supports payment within three days of campaigns, an industry first. From fully customisable report generation and audience credibility scores to unique reach calculation, Post For Rent is full of time-saving tools to streamline influencer marketing campaigns.



Buzzoole is an end-to-end solutions provider with market-leading tech. Having tech at Buzzoole’s core simplifies every stage of the influencer marketing process for clients. Buzzoole’s technology is able to analyse and understand the true influence of a creator’s social channels. The result is more engaging and authentic content and more relatable and impactful campaigns. Buzzoole has a dedicated team of strategists, creatives and campaign managers to deliver long and short-term brand, agency and partner solutions.

Billion Dollar Boy

billion dollar boy

Billion Dollar Boy is a full-service influencer marketing agency with offices in London and New York. Inventive and dynamic, they create innovative influencer marketing strategies which are continually tracked and optimised to ensure the delivery of exceptional ROI. Utilising StoryTracker, an AI-powered Instagram story tracking tool, Billion Dollar Boy incorporate creative strategy, campaign management and data-driven research to ensure bigger, bolder influencer campaigns.


Achoo is a data-driven influencer marketing platform, helping the leading brands and agencies at every step of their influencer marketing journey. From unearthing relevant influencers from a database of over 7 million+ influencers to providing key influencer and audience analytics including Instagram story analytics. There is also the ability to monitor/track campaigns and reach out to new influencers as well as build reports using various reporting modules such as return on investment and performance timeline.


Matchmade is the leading influencer marketing platform for games. The Matchmade platform analyzes all games-related content on YouTube and Twitch to intelligently match advertisers with the best content creators for their brand. That’s over 4.1M channels and 395M videos on YouTube and over 269K channels and 15M streams on Twitch. Matchmade makes influencer marketing easy, efficient and measurable.


Influencity is a software development company specialising in digital marketing, and specifically, in influencer marketing. They help brands and agencies to obtain greater visibility as well as increase their sales through influencers. The SaaS platform is capable of: identifying influencers, measuring their influence, managing campaigns and measuring results. They are evolutionarily developing the software according to their know-how and market needs.

More than 700 brands and agencies trust in Influencity to deliver world-class Influencer Marketing campaigns through our platform. You’ll find them in their headquarters in London, UK and Madrid, Spain.


Dyzio helps agencies and brands analyse their influencer marketing data at scale, giving them the ability to track true authenticated data from their influencer marketing activities and gain a real understanding of influencer and campaign ROI, across major social networks. Using Dyzio, marketers can build a private in-house influencer database and create shortlists and live, shareable influencer marketing reports, in just a few clicks.

Through smart automation features, dyzio can track campaigns via #tags – automatically finding and tracking all relevant campaign posts and stories and reporting deep insights data, including engagements, audience demographics, impressions, reach or video watch-time. Dyzio also provides a range of white-label solutions and API / third-party data integrations.



With data on every influencer with more than 1000 followers, Woomio is one of the technologically leading platforms when it comes to discovering Influencers based on data and metrics across different SoMe platforms; like Instagram, Youtube, Google analytics and Facebook. Woomio allows marketers to get deeper insights, by finding (on various data axis’) and onboarding the influencers that you would like to work with, providing greater control over the data, minimising time spent on emailing back and forth and allows you pull customised reports over the last campaign you just made.

Talent Village

talent village

Talent Village is an influencer marketing solution enabling brands to build meaningful campaigns with highly engaged influential talent on Instagram.


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