Become a contributor

Yes, you. We are always seeking new contributors to challenge our readers and help drive the industry forward.

You don’t need to have an idea that will transform influencer marketing, just have an opinion on an industry trend, challenge or vent on something that’s keeping you up at night!

What we’re looking for

Lets’ start with what we are not and that’s sales pitches. If you have a ‘news’ related press release we may publish this via our newsdesk however what we are really after is opinion. Opinion that your peers and even potential employers and clients will admire mirziamov.ru .

You may want to submit a partial draft, or perhaps a pitch; that’s a title and a paragraph or two on your main arguments. We’ll be happy to provide feedback and editorial support to refine.

How to submit

We welcome submissions via our Typeform. This enables editors to collaborate with you and provide efficient responses and feedback.

If you would like to submit a featured image (that you have rights to) then please do, the width must be at least 1200px and 450px high. Else we find unsplash a great resource for royalty-free imagery.

That’s it – we appreciate all submissions and whether you are looking to be a regular or one-off author we look forward to hearing from you.