Not all influencer marketing agencies are the same, each has its own USP and benefits. Over time we aim to list the best out there that can help brands not only connect with content creators but ensure campaigns are executed smartly and measured.

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Influencer Marketing Agencies

Intermarketing Agency


Intermarketing Agency is an integrated agency that believe in putting people first – their people, clients and customers. Always doing what’s right for them is the reason they all succeed.

They create people-focused partnerships by bringing brands together to create rock-star moments that benefit both parties and get people talking. They help brands find new audiences and enhance customer engagement to make magical moments and foster long-term advocacy.



IMA helps brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through top influencers, such as bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers. Using our unique expertise, we develop and execute creative influencer marketing strategies to amplify your brand story at scale and reach billions of people.

Crowd is a new full-service, global influencer marketing division at Crowd Mobile that uses data-driven insights to deliver consistent quality content and ROI. After years of successful influencer marketing execution in the mobile entertainment and youth segment, Crowd now brings their integrated approach to third-party brands.

Crowd is currently running over 250+ influencer campaigns a month and are 100% results driven in order for brands to reach their awareness and performance objectives successfully.

Viral Nation

viral nation

Viral Nation is a full-service media and creative company, specialising in anything and everything social. The influencer marketing agency is responsible for creating the most viral, captivating and ROI focused campaigns for brands of all sizes.

Viral Nation’s influencer talent agency also happens to represent the largest number of social media influencers across the globe.



Mediakix is the leading influencer marketing agency connecting the world’s top brands with passionate socially-engaged audiences through social media influencers, influencer marketing, YouTube influencers (“YouTubers,” YouTube creators), top lifestyle bloggers, and Instagram influencers (“Instagrammers”). They strategise and build high performing campaigns for top brands to engage with their target audiences on YouTube, blogs, Instagram, and emerging social media channels.



PMYB is the influencer agency that’s built on delivering results. This influencer agency scientifically identifies the highest performing, top 3% of influencers in their fully managed influencer campaigns. Each influencer is rated against 46 important data points that contribute to influence, known as Chromo-Factors. Each identified influencer is selected based precisely on your target demographic and industry. And every influencer marketing campaign they conduct is designed to provide you with a substantial increase in your sales or set KPIs.

JIN Digital Influence


JIN Digital Influence is an independent communications agency that specialises in PR and digital influence. They build relationships based on trust with brands and individual leaders’ communities by connecting them with relevant influencers. They are the one-stop shop for brand influence, combining 360° digital and data research, creative strategy, content creation and technology. The company delivers best-in-class influencer marketing consultancy and campaigns, supported by their in-house and advanced digital monitoring tool – Plugr. At JIN Digital Influence, they believe that trust is influence.

Goat Agency


The Goat Agency is different as they run bespoke campaigns to drive hard, guaranteed digital results at a better value than other channels. They don’t own or manage any particular influencers, they only work with the most relevant and effective influencers.

Influencer marketing is the most authentic and cost-effective way to hit KPIs, and Goat is one of the best in the business.

Socially Powerful

Socially powerful

Socially Powerful is a global influencer marketing agency. They provide ONE access point for brands and agencies to connect to over millions of social influencers, micro-publishers and social media talent all over the world.

By creating innovative content and influential campaigns, they enable brands to tell their story through the world’s top social media influencers and micro publishers.

The team connects brands to the biggest content creators on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Urban Nerds Collective


Urban Nerds Collective is an influencer marketing agency specialising in youth marketing and has a firm focus on promoting talented youth. Urban Nerd Collective navigate the full spectrum of cultural influence; working where trends are created and culture truly shaped. They provide a range of services including insight-led strategy, influencer engagement, content creation, social amplification and brand experience



REDPILL claim to be London’s leading agency for branded content and influencer marketing. REDPILL specialise in creating branded content that people want to share. By delivering strategy, creative, production and distribution under one roof, they’ve earned a track record for exceptional viewability, engagement, and ROI.

Kairos Media

unnamed (3)

Kairos Media is changing the way millennials view advertising and discover brands across the world. The group comprises specialist agencies in social creative, influencer marketing, content production, seeding, esports market strategy, media planning and buying, and global advertising campaigns.

The team use data to inform creative campaigns, extend brand influence, and deliver results through their global network of over 14,000+ online personalities, and have created a global service trusted by over 100 brands.



Vamp is a bespoke, world-leading influencer and content marketing platform, that works to provide brands with high-performing, influencer creative content at a cost-effective rate. It has worked with a number of reputable, global brands including Samsung, Adobe, Mastercard and ASOS to create creative campaigns.

What you will never get from Vamp is a mediocre experience. It combines its proprietary tech stack with a full-service influencer marketing agency approach. Vamp activates its unrivalled content creator network at scale to help its clients’ marketing strategies reach their greatest ROI.

Solving the key challenge for brands across the globe, Vamp provides high-performing influencer creative content at a cost-effective rate. Its rapidly growing team are making cool stuff happen all over the world in offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London and New York.

Power Influencer

Power Influencer is an influencer agency dedicated to bringing brands and relevant influencers together in order to enrich the brand’s growth. The team researches influencers that match the brand’s values, using advanced technology for commercial segments such as tech, sports, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and travel, among others.

Strategy and content creation are adapted to the influencer’s lifestyle and the distribution platform. Using Instagram as their main social network and sharing the content on secondary platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, they always adapt to the algorithm changes of these, so the content can get better organic traction.

Make It Mana

Make It Mana is a no-bull agency focusing on content, influencer, and social media marketing. Founded by influencer marketing thought leader and consultant Owain Williams, Make It Mana specialise in long-term influencer marketing and relationship building. The expert teamwork with brands across the spectrum of influencer marketing, from supporting the labor-intensive adoption stage to facilitating the long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between brands and influencers.


A social content agency founded in 2016, Wildfire’s origins began in 2013 when the founders ran what would become one of the largest football social communities. Spotting the opportunity to reach people on social via their passions, Wildfire was built on a foundation of understanding audiences, knowing what makes great content, and knowing how content travels on social.

They are straight-talking social experts and combine great content with the most relevant influencers and communities to reach your audience through their passion points. Their influencer campaigns are informed by data but executed by a dedicated account management team, allowing the team to have unparalleled control in creating great content, with great creators.


SocialSmartans a millennial-targeted influencer marketing agency, which acts as liaisons between brands and digital media influencers. They work with micro-influencers and Gen Z influencer to provide brands with a voice through high-quality content and visual story-telling.

Saulderson Media

Saulderson Media is a premium talent management and influencer marketing agency exclusively managing a roster of high-profile social influencers who are responsible for millions of monthly impressions. Alongside this they work with endemic and non-endemic, brands on creative campaigns, to boost their presence utilising an extensive list of influencers for activation. Saulderson specialises in gaming, esports, entertainment, and tech with future aspirations to work across every vertical.

Saulderson Media is the first Scotland-based agency dedicated to influencer marketing and have gained a stellar reputation since launch in July 2018. Being a young and ambitious company, they are driving forward and always looking to stay ahead of the competition with their strong work ethic and unrivalled principles. Above all else, they value innovation and dedication, two key elements on which Saulderson was founded upon.

Reach Agency

The team purpose-built Reach Agency for the developing world of digital video storytelling to engage brands with a social generation. Their model is simple: vertically integrated marketing services for video under one roof — The Video AOR. From strategy, creative and production, to influencers and channel management, Reach does it all. The team consists of social-first creators, publishers and media innovators who operate small teams to develop big ideas.

Stack Influence

Stack Influence is the premier influencer agency for merchants on Amazon. Stack Influence connects top sellers to creators who love telling stories and promoting products while managing every single influencer relationship.

Stack Influence’s network of vetted micro-influencers, proprietary management software and cash-back rebate program help create curated digital content and drive high valued traffic to Amazon listings. For merchants, this increases rankings, sales and brand awareness while eliminating the hassle and risk of influencer transactions.


A2M logo white background

Audience2Media is a global digital media company with offices in UK and Asia. We deliver online audiences applying data-driven advertising methods to meet our advertiser’s campaign objectives using outstanding technology solutions in the Digital Media World. We are trusted by our clients ranging from the UK Government to world leading brands from the travel, fashion, retail, technology, education, automotive, property, FMCG, health and beauty, sectors to name a few.

Since 2009, Audience2Media has been at the forefront of innovation creating the most powerful online advertising audience targeting platform, KRYPTON, which allows us to apply real-time data analytics to make automated targeting decisions on each ad impression applying AI to deliver optimum ROI back to our advertisers.

We know that innovation is a key factor in our business. In September 2018 we developed IMPACT, the world’s largest influencer platform with access to 47m+ content creators with the objective to connect brands with influential people delivering relevant audiences for each campaign. Our offering to the market place consists of behavioural advertising and influencer marketing.

Collective Bias-Inmar

Collective Bias

Inmar’s Collective Bias gives you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage consumers when, where and how they get information about brands, stores, and products. They pair customised influencer content, targeted media and personalised messaging with data-driven insights into shopper behaviors to give you full-funnel impact across all categories, retailers and consumer touchpoints.

Thanks to the proprietary analytics and AI, Collective Bias-Inmar can drive influencer decisions to make sure their content meets your business objectives. In today’s rapidly-changing marketplace, this unique level of individualised engagement is the ultimate way for you to stay relevant, build loyalty and drive profits. Collective Bias was founded in 2009 and helps companies accelerate commerce.

Bee Influence


Bee Influence is Manchester’s first dedicated influencer marketing agency. Launched in July 2018, Bee Influence has been establishing itself as Manchester’s go-to agency for influencer services. They have taken a different approach to working within the influencer space and therefore, do not represent talent. Their aim is to focus on end-to-end influencer strategy, and helping brands find the best influencers to fit their objectives, through to delivering tangible results. Born out of a large increase in demand for influencer expertise, Bee Influence was launched to offer Northern businesses a service on their doorstep.


sundae collectiveSundae is a performance-driven influencer marketing agency that is unleashing the power of the Internet culture to drive results for brands. What began as an audacious question soon migrated to the core of the DNA: How can we take the cultural relevance of influencer marketing and make it deliver the results of performance media? Sundae has found the right mix of brand stewardship, creativity and performance to deliver on your brand’s goals.

Pulse Advertising

pulse advertising
Pulse Advertising & Management is a globally leading Influencer Marketing agency with offices in Hamburg, New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Milan. Growing rapidly from inception in 2014 to a team of over 100 today, it operates in two divisions. Pulse Advertising as a creative- and media agency and Pulse Management as talent management. Pulse goes beyond connecting brands with the world’s top content creators by providing in-depth and holistic influencer marketing integration. From social strategy, creative campaign design and influencer sourcing, to execution and analytics reporting, we ensure that our clients realise the full potential of influencer marketing.



BRANDAMBASSADORS already has 10 years’ expertise in influencer marketing and brand ambassador campaigns. In order to engage brands with nano, micro, meso, macro and mega influencers, the team develops creative ambassadors and influencer marketing strategies to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Its mission is to find the best ambassadors and influencers for your brand, products or organisations. BRANDAMBASSADORS connects your brand with people with real passion, power, and presence to tell compelling and authentic stories. The company’s ultimate goal is to realise long-term cooperation with ambassadors and influencers.



IconReel is an influencer search engine with AI-powered analytics and full-service creative agency, which helps businesses thrive in the digital age by partnering with influencers on social media to drive business growth.

MG Empower

MG Empower is an influencer marketing agency that understands influencer marketing inside and out. They are experts at creating authentic social marketing campaigns with a human and emotional spark. MG Empower is driven by insight. They enrich engagement between customer and brand, through relevant and innovative digital campaigns. The company is based in London.

Clark Influence

Clark Influence is an influence marketing agency that professionalises and optimises the relationship between influencers and advertisers (brands and agencies). Clark Influence allows advertisers to find their ideal communication channels and enables influencers to be visible and monetize their influence (reach) with brands they value and consider. Clark Influence has worked with more than 500 influencers and more than 75 clients in North America and Europe

The Influencer Marketing Factory

influencer marketing factory.png

This data-driven influencer marketing agency supports from A-Z when it comes to create and manage influencer marketing campaigns that are effective. The team is leaders of TikTok influencer marketing and the agency also covers Instagram, YouTube and Twitch campaigns.



OPT is one of the major digital agencies in Tokyo, Japan. They have many clients, which are classified into various industries like cosmetics, fashion, entertainment, real estate, financial services, and the like. When it comes to influencer marketing, OPT has a dedicated department for influencer marketing, and every staff is well-versed in the influencer and influencer marketing in Japan. OPT can deal with the inquiry from a foreign company which wants to implement influencer campaign in the Japanese market for the first time by themselves and their partners.


powence logo.jpg

Powence is an agency that mixes powerful technology and creative campaign strategy. They offer a tailor-made marketing influence service and manage campaigns from A to Z by connecting talented influencers with brands. The goal: to create quality content with a high engagement rate. They also have a proprietary technology that allows them to find, manage and monitor influencer performance in real-time. All there brands have access to an online dashboard that allows them to track their campaigns insights 24/7.


Sociopuff helps to connect brands with larger audiences through true social media advocates or influencers. They identify, signup and create campaign strategies with influencers as well as create content and launch it on the right social media platform with the right influencer to reach the campaign goal.


Zorka.Mobi is an influencer and performance marketing agency. Zorka.Mobi is working with major brand advertisers to create innovative advertising campaigns on the world’s fastest growing social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. Influencer Marketing by Zorka.Mobi is a comprehensive solution, which suits both large offline brands and games developers. Zorka.Mobi makes realistic forecasts, select the right influencers and provide performance reports for each of them. With the in-house platform for launching, tracking and analytics, influencer marketing becomes more effective and convenient.

Think Jam

Think Jam was born in 2004 from a belief that marketing and entertainment go hand in hand. A team of film fanatics, gamers and TV buffs that know how to build an audience for brands that want to entertain. Making award winning content for 15 years and listening to 2.6 billion people every day through specialist Insight tools tells them two things: what needs to be said, and who needs to say it. A brand’s connection with influencers and their audiences must be powerful and dynamic, but also brand-safe, measurable and transparent. Maintaining control of these connections is critical. Channel and influencer agnostic, Think Jam provides an impartial voice in a complex and ever-shifting influencer landscape.


Cloutboost is a full-service, data-driven influencer marketing agency based in the heart of Silicon Valley. The agency maximizes brand exposure and user acquisition by leveraging the power of gaming influencers. Cloutboost specialises in working with gaming YouTubers and Twitch streamers to promote brands from various industries. Among their clients are brands like Sony Entertainment, Glu Mobile, Lilith Games, Wargaming, Hotspot Shield VPN, and many others. The agency brings together the powerful combination of video games industry expertise, influencer marketing best practices, and marketing analytics insights.

The Corner

The Corner creates work that matters and the in-house influencer team is no exception. Punching well above their weight in terms of clients and results, they create best in class influencer campaigns as well as managing a roster of digital talent.

Influencer Agency

Influencer Agency (Los Angeles, USA) connects brands with any social media influencer, from micro- to mega influencer. With your goal(s) in mind, Influencer Agency comes up with a creative Instagram marketing campaign and corresponding tactics in order to reach your goals and get the results you aim at. Adding the right influencers voice to your brands message hugely increases authenticity, credibility and boosts your engagement rates. Which consequently has a significant impact on lead generation, sales and the overall growth of your business via social media.

TopRank Marketing

TopRank Marketing is a B2B Influencer Marketing agency that serves some of the top B2B brands in the world including Dell, LinkedIn and SAP. Through always-on, relationship-driven influencer programs, TopRank Marketing helps B2B brands optimise content for findability, credibility and customer experience to boost brand reach, improve engagement and increase revenue growth.


Kynship views influencer marketing as a cost effective avenue to build your content library. Repurposing influencer creative across all marketing mediums is where ROI exists and the organic conversation is the bonus.

Blissful Media Group

Blissful Media Group is a full-service influencer marketing agency that delivers white-glove service to our clients. They work hand in hand with clients to develop influencer marketing campaigns that merge the needs of brands, audiences and influencers. From hand selecting influencers for each and every campaign to ensuring an organic fit and authentic feeling content. They pride themselves on casting influencers based on both qualitative and quantitative factors, including audience demographics, engagement, content quality and a variety of other factors.

Blissful Media offers a variety of services: strategy development, influencer curation and validation, on-site event engagement support, experiential project management and expert consultation for influencer marketing campaigns. Whether curating the perfect influencers to meet your brand’s objectives for a fully-managed campaign, or simply assisting with talent procurement for a live event or for you to handle in house — they are hands-on every step of the way. Blissful Media’s team combines best-in-class sourcing with data-driven and human-required validation methods to ensure right-fit casting.


Efluenz is a creative influencer marketing agency. It puts a focus on storytelling, personalized content, targeting and content creation with a very own database of over 2000 influencers in Belgium. Efluenz creates international campaigns on social media including reporting, influencer background check, creative concept and personalized touch.

The Viral Talent

Voted Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year 2019, The Viral Group manages and represents talent exclusively and works closely with brands to enable them to tell their stories through Virals’ creators. Within The Viral Group, there’s a dedicated Influencer Hub with a highly skilled team that media plan, execute and deliver proven successful influencer campaigns for any brand in the world, in any territory and vertical. They use a bespoke social platform that provides brands with a granular understanding of influencer demographics, which city that influencer is most popular in, brand affinity (what brands that influencer is most relatable to), if that influencer has any fake followers (a huge problem in the industry) and we can also track all results from the influencer during a campaign. If you have never worked with influencers before, then these are the team to contact.

the projects*

the projects* is a culture-first creative influencer agency, activating longer-term partnerships which focus on the quality of content created, working with influencers based on strategic objectives. They steer clear of transactional, tactical posts based on turning a quick profit, opting for real world influence that’s achieved through meaningful storytelling. Rather than starting with a creative idea or list of popular influencers, the projects* have flipped influencer marketing on its head, focusing on identifying what cultural trends, topics and niches resonate with the nuances within audience demographic groups first and then tailoring campaigns which inspire them. the projects* believe that influencer marketing has evolved beyond simple product placement and they craft campaigns which go beyond obvious channels, platforms and talent, utilising their expertise in social media, content, production, events and experiential marketing.

The Corner London

The Corner London has been at the centre of influencer marketing since its origins. From creating bespoke marketing strategies for brands to managing some of the best talents in the business: our strength is in our relationships. In the past year, we’ve collaborated with over 190 businesses and brands in the influencer space and are ramping things up in 2020.


The Equator Family is designed to make the most of the challenges and opportunities brands face today. With Equator, you get a carefully selected team of strategists, brand-creators, idea-makers, UX designers, content crafters, marketing experts, coding geniuses – the lot. Whatever it takes to deliver the most effective experiences.


JapanBuzz is a Japanese influencer marketing agency. They also offer Japanese social media management and digital PR.

DMi Partners

DMi Partners is a full service digital marketing agency in Philadelphia, PA. For 18 years, they have championed a collaborative, people-focused approach to navigating the digital landscape to get results for the business partners. It is a 360º agency that values the relationship between creative and data, between innovation and the tried-and-true, between automation and human insight. Their business is personal. Brands stick with them. Employees stick with them Vendors stick with them. Why? Because they stick with them. Their team is your team in everything they do.

Matter of Form

Matter of Form is a full service digital agency specialised in working with luxury and premium brands across travel and hospitality, fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle. They develop bespoke creative strategies for each of their clients using their specialist industry knowledge. They have developed a unique three step expert influencer identification process to ensure they are always work with the best influencer talent to meet each of their clients needs and meet KPI’s.

POP Communications

POP Communications is an integrated public relations, social media and influencer marketing agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The team has worked across a diverse portfolio of clients both regionally (UAE and GCC at large) and internationally. For this reason, they expertly service clients across a wide range of industries such as hospitality, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, tourism, travel, art, e-commerce, technology, wellness, luxury, education, design and furniture.