A Day in the Life Member Exclusive

A Day in the Life: Alice Bull, Group Operations Director at Influencer.com

Six months ago, Alice Bull began her role at Influencer.com, bringing with her 15 years of industry experience.

Alice started off working in digital marketing for a charity before moving to Vice Media. During this time, Alice wrote a blog, meaning she was able to embark on a sideline career as an influencer across Instagram and YouTube. She juggled being an influencer with a young family while running her own small digital and creative consultancy that allowed her to work

 with clients such as IKEA, 118118, and Thai Leisure Group. Eventually, Alice returned to permanent agency work shortly before the pandemic hit. 

Having always adored the influencer marketing industry, Alice is pleased to have been a part of its development – from brands giving Instagram users a couple of hundred pounds to post a grid photo of a product, to the amazing vertical within advertising it is now. She says, “It’s brought me so much – not only a solid source of income when I was a single mum with two young kids, but creatively as well; my profile gave me the opportunity to travel with brands, to work across incredible projects, to write and publish a book with Hodder and Stoughton, and to produce a podcast with Etsy.”

Now, in her role as Group Operations Manager at Influencer.com Alice is responsible for the delivery team, meaning that she looks after the campaign delivery of around 50 concurrent projects across clients including Google, Amazon, TikTok, and Meta. 

She is also a key part of the business development team, spotting opportunities for anything client entertainment and events based – like hosting the Influencer Villa at ​​Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity –  to responding to high-value RFPs and jumping in on any high-level client queries. 

Alice chatted to Talking Influence telling us what a typical day in her role looks like. 

I live by the sea in Poole, where I moved earlier this year, so I am lucky that Influencer operates a hybrid working model. I’m usually in the office once a week but more often than not you’ll find me at home working from either our office in the back garden or my sunny kitchen table. 

I’d like to say I’m up and at ’em and walking on the beach super early but I’m really not a morning person, so 8am usually finds me going through emails with a cup of tea, slowly waking up. The day starts slowly – I always block 30 mins of focus time in my diary to get my to-do list (9am meetings are nobody’s friend) – before jumping into calls and projects. 

Despite working remotely the majority of the time I’m a people person, so I love my busy days of catching up with the team. I have one-on-ones with my direct reports each week and like to catch up with key members of the wider business regularly so I’m aware of what’s going on across all departments. 

I’m in charge of the adoption of Waves, our proprietary software, within Influencer as well as across our client roster, so I work closely with our product team to discuss developments, new releases, and any support they may need to implement. On a typical day, I’ll either be reviewing internal comms on these or chatting with our product managers on what’s coming next and the best way to roll out. 

My husband works from home – he’s the lead engineer in a tech start-up – so we’ll try and have lunch together (or at least sit in the same room if I’m on a call!) – before trying to squeeze in a quick dog walk if there’s time. I’m such a fan of WFH when it comes to work/life balance (it’s been revolutionary for me) so I’ll quickly stick a load of washing on or prep dinner in the slow cooker before getting back to work. If it’s a Friday when I have fewer meetings I may decamp to our local coffee shop, Coast, for an iced latte and a change of scenery.

My projects change depending on where we are in our quarter and marketing calendar, and at the moment it’s full-on prep for Cannes! We have a villa where we’re hosting a packed schedule of events (I’m hosting a talk with the UK contingent of VaynerMedia), so at the moment I’m spending a couple of hours a day collating invites, researching opportunities for networking, or planning our time out there.

My children get home from school at about 4pm, and they have a couple of hours of relaxing (i.e. eating snacks and watching TV); I thought at the ages of 10 and 11 they’d be more interested in what I do for a job (they enjoy supervised TikTok access) but they’d much rather learn the current viral dance or let me know the latest on what Caitlin and Leah have been up to. I spoke at my daughter’s school careers day recently and it was interesting learning that the pre-teens weren’t really aware of our influencer culture; to them, creators are creators and they don’t really notice their paid-for content.  

The first quarter of our financial year has been one of real growth for us, so before I start closing out for the day I’ll connect with our Group Business Director, CEO, and CFO on some reconciliations and projections we’re working on, staying close to our growth trajectory so I’m able to pre-empt any resource or staff needs. Having experienced burnout cultures myself in a couple of agency settings I’m always hyper-aware that we prioritise mental health and sensible workload – in this respect, I’m really protective of the team. 

To finish the day I’ll proofread the final draft of a report we’ve just finished working on with GWI on integrating creators with traditional media to maximise ROI – having written a book and worked in copywriting I love a bit of editing and find it such a relaxing way to end the day. I’m really excited to release it into the world next week!

Having developed knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing influencer marketing space over the years, Alice is pleased to have found her space working agency side, fitting in her career alongside her out-of-work commitments in order to reach optimal success. 

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