A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Dani Hunter, Head of Influence at Exposure

Having only been in the role of Head of Influence at Exposure for nine months, Dani Hunter is making big moves when it comes to growing the team's influencer division.

Dani has been in the marketing space for several years, having had experience managing and directing influencer divisions for the likes of Ogilvy and Born Social, before moving on to Exposure towards the end of 2021. 

At Exposure, Dani’s role makes her responsible for upskilling internal team members and bringing in new and exciting perspectives from industry specialists. She also works hard towards crafting a strong agency-wide point of view on what the future of influence is to ensure we stay ahead of the curve, as well as ensuring that community is at the heart of the work the team produces, whether that is internal team culture or external innovative work.

Dani chatted with Talking Influence to tell us what a typical day in her role as Head of Influence looks like. 

6:30-7:00: I wake up, make an Ozone homebrew coffee for myself and my partner, then flick the news on and settle in to enjoy 15 minutes of calm before the storm.

7:00-7.30: I’m a dog mum, so early morning walks are my thing. I usually plug into a good podcast, something that can refocus my thoughts for the day ahead. I’m currently loving High Perform by Jake Humphries and Professor Damian Hughes; the mix of guests that they invite is always insightful and helps provide handy tips for my day ahead.

7.30-9:00: I’m usually getting ready for work. Exposure works on a hybrid 3:2 model which means two collaborative days in the office and three at home. Today I’m heading into the office and it’s a new (and thankfully) shorter commute on the Elizabeth Line into Tottenham Court Road with a brisk walk to my office in Fitzrovia.

9:00-10:00: I’m in the office, always with a coffee in hand and snacks from the complimentary breakfast bar, running through my to-do list for the day, catching up on emails from some of my US-based clients that come in overnight and getting settled in for the day ahead.

10:00-12:00: This time is usually filled with meetings and today is no exception. We have a few pitches in the mix and as it’s an office day, brainstorms and internal regroups are in full swing. 

12:00-13:00: Back to my desk for more emails, I have a diary check for the week ahead and confirm lunch with one of our talent partners to discuss upcoming opportunities.

13:00-14:00: Lunch hours are sacred for me, and I always make sure that during this time, my team can switch off and take the full hour to refuel for the second half of the day. When I’m in Fitzrovia, my go-to lunch spot is either Itsu or Farmer J depending on what kind of afternoon I have ahead, and I often meet a friend and pop into Arket or Liberty for some lunchtime retail therapy and mindless chatter.

14:00-16:00: Typically this time is split between team meetings and independent working. When in the office, we try to use as much time as possible to get together in our core account teams to discuss work and find quick solutions as a group. Right now, we are working on some exciting plans for Exposure Influence so this afternoon, we have a regroup on a deck that is currently in the works ahead of a presentation to our two founders Raoul and Tim next week.

16:00-17:30: At some point in the last few hours of the day, the crash hits hard and so a trip to Kiss the Hippo right across the street for a coffee is needed before tackling more emails and work.

17:30-18:00: Wrapping up for the day, I do a check-in with my team and review the work ahead of the next day and check in on everyone’s social plans for the evening ahead. Being based so centrally, you never know what your colleagues will get up to and it’s always something super exclusive and enviable like the Clarks launch in Hoxton or dinner in Hackney for Levi’s.

18:00: I start my journey home, and plug into another podcast, this time it needs humour and preferable food-based so Table Manners by Jessie and Lenny Ware is my go-to whilst flicking through industry updates and articles on my phone.

19:00: Cooking is one of my favourite things to do so even after a full day in the office, there’s nothing that I love more than pulling some fresh ingredients from the fridge and getting creative in the kitchen. On tonight’s menu, we have Thai style pork rice bowl with a lemon compote for dessert that I made using lemons that I brought back from Ibiza last week.

20:00: I take a quick dog walk around the common opposite followed by my second love in life, a rigorous skincare routine. I’ve recently subscribed to Beauty Pie and let me tell you, it is a game-changer! Post this, I light candles, make a mint tea, and settle in with my partner Blaine, dog Lenny and cat Indi for a chilled night before doing it all again the next day.

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