A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Sarah Boyd, President, Socialyte

Having started her career in the fashion industry, and then moving towards the digital marketing space, it’s a true sign of the times that Sarah is now solidified within the influencer marketing industry.

For approximately ten years of her career, Sarah Boyd was working in fashion PR which presented the opportunity to work with a huge variety of brands. From there, Sarah started SIMPLY, which is an international fashion and beauty conference and events business focused on digital marketing.  

A few years into the SIMPLY journey, Sarah and her team launched the SIMPLY Digital Network, which allowed them to manage a roster of celebrity talent. In 2017, SIMPLY was acquired by Socialyte. Sarah and her team began to work closely with the Socialyte team, and this year, she accepted the role of President, overseeing influencer talent management agency, Socialyte, and influencer marketing agency, Lytehouse.  

Sarah chatted with Talking Influence, telling us what a typical day in her role looks like. 

6:15: Wake up, get my first cup of tea and look at the day ahead.

6:30: Wake up my six-year-old daughter, Ava, to get her up for school. Make Ava breakfast, get her school bag packed, dressed and do her hair (recently she’s been wanting braids so I’ve been learning how to do them!), and start the day off with gratitude about what a great day it’s going to be for her at school.

7:15: My husband (Kyle) and I take Ava on our golf cart down to the clubhouse for Ava to get on the bus. We just moved to Delray Beach, FL, about a year ago after 16 years in LA so we’re loving golf cart life here!

7:30: Our community offers incredible workouts daily, so it gives me no excuse to not work out, so I either do the Pilates, Barre, or HIIT four to five times a week. On other days, I’ll hop on the treadmill and watch one of my guilty pleasures on Netflix (been loving Selling Sunset and Love is Blind – we have some talent on each of them but also love the drama). On the treadmill, I crank up the incline to 15 and speed four for about 45 minutes, enough to get me sweating.

8:45: My husband and I really prioritise health, so we’ll take all of our vitamins and supplements and make a green smoothie filled with whatever is in our fridge at the moment –  usually a concoction of kale, spinach, apple cider vinegar, berries, vanilla almond milk, collagen, and protein.

9:00: I get through my important emails and put agendas together for the day’s meetings.  I also like to set three to five tasks the day before that I must complete by the end of the day, which helps me feel like I’m accomplishing things each day. I’ll review that list again in the morning and put each item into my calendar to allow me time to complete it.

10:00: I have a meeting with the team heads to discuss monthly goal performance, proposals, new talent, new clients, current campaigns running, and any issues we need to tackle.

11:30: Now it’s time for a strategy meeting with one of our celebrity-level talents, with whom I closely stay involved, especially for larger projects. We discuss year-to-date goals, future opportunities, and how we can continue to grow and improve.

12:30: I have a quick bite to eat. Since we now work from home, I usually have a quick lunch at the house in between meetings. This is also my time to get in some social media time or chats with friends/family.

13:00: This is when I connect with our internal Culture Committee to discuss upcoming company-wide events. We implemented this committee in 2022 as a way to bring our team together in a remote workplace and they’ve put together some incredible internal events. This month we’re doing a picnic with the New York team and a beach cleanup with our Los Angeles team. Virtually we do a monthly book club, coffee chats (where we mix up the team so you get to have coffee with someone you don’t typically chat with), and we’re doing ‘Throwback Thursday’ where we send out baby pictures of a new team member weekly and try to guess who it is.  

Stepping into my role as President in the midst of ‘The Great Resignation’, I knew we needed to create an incredible culture at Socialyte and focus on a true work/life balance for our employees.  In addition to the Culture Committee, in 2022 we also rolled out an Unlimited PTO policy and ‘Not So Summer Friday’s’ which gives our employees half days every Friday throughout the entire year.

14:00: It’s typically the time for a partnership call. Today I had a call with a private equity firm that is looking to work with influencers and celebrity talent in exchange for shares in their company.  As the influencer community grows, so do the opportunities.  

15:00: Time for emails. These range from partnership opportunities for our talent that I vet through, new talent interested in working with Socialyte, brands interested in working with Lytehouse, and PR pitches to me as I contribute to Forbes (influencer, fashion, and beauty content).

17:00: Wrap up, and set goals for the following day and week.

18:00: Dinner with the family, which is the most precious moment of the day.  We always talk about our favorite moment of the day and Ava loves to pull out the ‘feelings spinner’ which is a great way to discuss our feelings. Since both Kyle and I both work, we love our Home Chef delivery to keep dinners diverse and quick/easy.

19:00: Bath and bedtime for Ava.  

19:30: Relax with a glass of One Brick wine w/ Kyle. One Brick is the wine we created about a year ago for one of our talents, Jana Kramer.  

21:00: We aim to be in bed by 9 PM and we’ll typically watch something on TV – we generally land on something like crime, travel, real estate, or food. If my husband is feeling extra nice, he’ll agree to The Bachelor or Love is Blind.

Alongside her talent and team management responsibilities, it was great to learn more about how work/life culture is extremely important to Sarah and her team, and the things they have put in place to ensure that this is a priority. 

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