A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Yasmine Duran, Talent Manager, The Influencer Marketing Factory

With a background in social media digital marketing, a year and a half ago, Yasmine Duran was extremely pleased to begin her new venture as a talent manager.

When Yasmine originally applied to work at The Influencer Marketing Factory, she initially planned to take on a role on the marketing agency side as her previous background was in social media marketing and digital. 

During her interview process – in the final round, Yasmine’s now boss asked if she would be interested in exploring another role as part of the talent department. Yasmine took the risk and accepted – and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Yasmine is now the manager of the 20+ creators on her talent roster, as well as leading the overall talent department and handling client communication, influencer liaison, and administrative work

Yasmine chatted with Talking Influence telling us what a typical Monday looks like for her. 

6:00: ME TIME! I wake up, hit my Peloton (Camila Ramon is my favorite instructor), and then get ready.

7:30-8:00: I make coffee number one of the day and check my phone for texts from my creators that may have come in overnight.

8:30: I clock into work and head to my WFH office. From this time until my first meeting of the day I am working through my inbox​​. 

9:30-10:00: I meet with my supervisor/VP and go through all the open campaigns that our talents have and share updates. Afterward, I make coffee number two. 

11:00-16:00: I am in operation mode. 

Throughout the day I am working through my emails, either communicating with brands, sharing creative briefs with my talents, or reading through contracts – I wear many many hats throughout the day!

In between emails I am texting back and forth with my talents regarding their campaigns – they often have questions while they film or are getting ready to post a campaign.

12:00-13:00: I take a break to cook some lunch and enjoy a YouTube video (I can never fully get away from my world – it’s a guilty pleasure). 

My favourite thing to cook at home is a salmon bowl – Emily Mariko style. If I’m having a really good day aka closing a couple of campaign deals, I’ll order sushi.

My afternoon typically consists of either client calls or intro to talent calls. 

16:00-17:00: I wrap up my day by updating my spreadsheet of campaigns. This includes updates on whether we have closed, we’re waiting on an influencer to receive a product in the mail, or whether it is time to activate filming mode!

Communication is extremely important in order for Yasmine’s working day to be a success. She is extremely passionate about managing her roster of talent, showing that her choice to take a risk and enter the talent management space is paying off. 

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