A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Christian Di Bratto, Founder, Deebo

When the pandemic struck in March of 2020, at the age of 17, Christian Di Bratto founded his company, Deebo, which aims to bring brand partnerships to some of TikTok's top creators.

Christian’s business really began to pick up in April 2021, and in the past 18 months, he is thrilled to have secured over $350K in brand partnerships for his clients. He felt motivated to start the company during a period of boredom in the pandemic, which is when he became interested in the behind-the-scenes of influencer and brand partnerships.

Christian started to reach out to creators offering to bring them brand partnerships on a commission-only basis. He explains that at first, it was a slow grind, but when he had built up enough contacts, it became almost like a matchmaker game between the brands and creators in his contact book.

Now, in his role as Founder, Christian tells us that brand outreach is the bread and butter of his day-to-day. With many brands and creators now on his roster, Christian is well versed in building valuable connections, and advising his clients on the best way they can collaborate with one another to achieve their goals. 

Christian chatted with Talking Influence, telling us what a typical day in his life looks like.

6:30: Wake up. In the summer when I’m not in school, I do let myself get a little more sleep, but the extra time in the morning at this point is definitely valuable. From here I go right to my kitchen, make a black coffee, and fill my YETI with water, before sitting down at my desk to work. I’ll check all of my emails before getting into work.

7:00: I have a consulting agreement with The Influencer Marketing Factory, where I find brand partnerships for their talent on a fixed-fee basis, so the first 2 – 2.5 hours of my morning is generally sourcing contacts + handling replies for the agency. Their talent will send a wishlist of brands they want to work with, and it’s my job to find the right contacts at those brands, as well as contacts at similar brands. 

I’ll put on a podcast, My First Million by Sam Parr and Shaan Puri right now, and essentially go through a bunch of blogs and articles listing types of brands that I’m looking for. From those lists, I’ll find the right contact in my software (Influencer Marketing Managers, PR Managers, Partnerships Coordinators, etc). 

9:00: Personal talent work. This will vary day to day. It might be new outreach for my clients, handling invoicing on previous deals, negotiating with brands over email for new deals, getting ad creatives approved, calling with clients about any questions they might have, etc. It’s kind of what I love about doing this, there always seems to be something new. 

Being that I’m a one-man show, these two hours are pretty much whatever needs tending to that day. 

11:00: Breakfast and espresso. This is the meal I eat before I work out. I’ll usually do five rice cakes, a serving of greek yogurt, and blueberries. From here I’ll make an espresso for my Mom and I. We have a family construction business that she works for from home, so the ability to sit and have coffee for 10 minutes is something I’m very thankful for. 

12:00: Workout time. Unless I receive a nice commission check, this is the highlight of my day most days. I’m fortunate to have a gym in my basement, so it’s just a walk from the kitchen to the gym to get lifting.

13:15: Shower and get back to work for a little bit. This is the time I’ll use to keep up with the industry. There are a few creator economy journalists I keep up with, I’ll kind of just sit, scroll, and read for a bit. I think it’s important to keep informed on the industry and what’s relevant. It seems like it keeps changing. For example, something myself and people I talk to in the industry has been talking about recently is live shopping with influencers. Side note: Livestream shopping is something I think we’re going to see continue to grow. 

14:00: Time for class. I hop on the subway and head to downtown Toronto for class. I cannot describe the love I have for this city. I love being downtown. On Fridays, I spend the morning downtown in class, hop on the subway home to eat and workout, and hop 

back on the subway (or an Uber) downtown with my friends for the night. For now, though, we’re sitting in a lecture hall. 

15:00: I’ll be in class from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. While I do think school is important, there’s WiFi in the lecture hall, and I have my computer with me. I’ll be honest, this is some of the best contact sourcing time for me. Of course, I take notes where I need to, but there’s definitely downtime where it’s possible to get some extra work done. 

19:00: I’m off the subway and home. The first thing on my mind is dinner – usually some combination of chicken or ground beef, sweet potatoes, and vegetables. 

19:30: I’ll get back to my desk to do whatever school work needs to get done. It’s definitely not something I look forward to, but it’s just what has to get done. If there isn’t any, I get to expand my brand lists for my clients’ next email campaign. At the time of this interview, exam time is coming up, so this time is being used to study. Business Law and Managerial Finance have been taking up this time for me lately. 

20:30: This varies. On a Friday, I’ll likely go to a bar/pub with friends, or play a long poker game with them. During the week, I’ll probably settle in bed watching a show

(Re-watching Entourage right now… very fitting, I know). Or, on the topic of hobbies, I’ve gotten into cigars over the last year or so. My Dad and I like to try and compare different ones. We’ve got this part of our backyard enclosed with tarp in the winter, so some nights I’ll go out there and watch Shark Tank while I have a cigar. 

23:00: Because I definitely didn’t spend enough time on anything TikTok-related today, I’ll sit in bed scrolling the app for a bit. I try to be asleep before midnight.

Christian is a great example of hope you can turn a passion into a successful career, all alongside studying too!

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