A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Neika Colbourne, VP, Creator & Influencer Partnerships | Experiential at BFA Industries

Beauty For All (BFA) is the home to the world's largest beauty subscription brands, including IPSY, BoxyCharm and Refreshments. Neika Colbourne has been a part of BFA for seven years, beginning when IPSY was just a standalone startup.

Neika was part of the team that launched the IPSY Studio, a space for creators and brands to make content in Santa Monica. Since joining the company, Neika’s role has grown, having achieved multiple promotions as the startup grew to become one of the worlds’ largest beauty subscription brands. 

Now, Neika encompasses the responsibility for creator and influencer partnerships across all six of the BFA brands, including an extensive creator seeding programme of more than 6000, and the company’s affiliate programme. 

In the past year alone, Neika has had the opportunity to work with huge names in the beauty and influencer space including Khloe Kardashian, Addison Rae, Halsey, Patrick Ta, and Huda Kattan. One thing that Neika says continues to remain steadfast in all the years she has been at the company is BFA’s commitment to development and support with partnerships in the creator community.

Neika chatted with Talking Influence, telling us what a typical day in her role looks like.

I’m on the East Coast (NYC) but I manage team members across the country including NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco –  so as a group, we work west coast hours to ensure our hours coincide and we as a team are productive and align with where a large majority of creators are based. 

9:00: I get up and start moving, and getting ready for the day. Normally I don’t eat breakfast.

9:30: I scroll through the various social platforms and check our creator partnerships team group chat that is always buzzing with new faces that we should keep in mind. I also use this time to check various influencer, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle news sources.

10:00: I have an email clean-up and review what’s on my schedule for the day.

11:00-13:00: I do some ‘quiet time’ work. This includes 360 creator strategy planning for multiple brands (IPSY, Boxy, Refreshments, IPSY Mexico) and reviewing performance metrics from the prior week’s campaign.

13:20: Company-wide hands-on work. 

14:30: I try to do a couple of my 1:1’s with members of my team. I try to meet with my direct reports and skip level members of my team each week to check in.

15:00-16:00: During this time I respond to emails, address any PPT decks that need my attention, and eat (if I have an overlapping meeting, then I have to eat while on a call). These calls are usually external ones with managers and agents to review rosters or discuss negotiations, etc.

16:00: I join the IPSY Mexico Team Meeting (weekly). IPSY only recently launched in Mexico, and this means another “brand”/workstream that will require the support of our creator partnerships team. 

17:00: I head straight into the creator partnerships and experiential team meeting – this also happens weekly. My team gets together to discuss the performance of creators we are currently working with, review anyone in the pipeline, and any other initiatives across all brands that are in the works. This is our opportunity to find efficiencies and discuss key learnings etc.

18:00-18:30: The creator partnerships team takes this time to align with the growth team to discuss the performance of creators for paid media, as well as any key learnings, and best practices we want to implement.

18:00: I check in with the Boxy and IPSY social teams, the schedule alternates.

19:00/20:00: This is the end of my workday. Given our current work-from-home constraints, I tend to end my day by closing my computer and taking 10 minutes to journal. I have a ‘One Line A Day’ journal that doesn’t feel so overwhelming. It’s nice to just jot down a couple of lines about how the day has gone. 

20:00: I have a late dinner. Throughout the rest of the evening I catch up on whatever guilty pleasure reality show I’m watching, as well as spending some more time on social media channels – checking Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok. I end with a LinkedIn for the daily rundown.

I always go to sleep listening to a podcast – I’m addicted!

It was great to learn more from Neika about the hard work that goes into a day of working in the influencer partnerships space. Neika’s day is jam-packed and varied – and she can only speak for the beauty space!

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