A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Ali Grant, CEO, and Founder, Be Social

Ali Grant launched Be Social in 2012 as one of the first agencies with a hyper-focus on executing influencer outreach and collaboration. Ali recognised the power of digital creators and built a business that would aim to harness their influence. 

Today, Be Social is a leading digital communications agency specialising in influencer, media, and experiences for brands and digital creators. With a dedicated focus on all things influencer, the company’s expertise spans across influencer marketing, media placements, and experiences. 

Wanting to further build on the mission to build brand awareness, Ali launched BrandEdit, a brand discovery platform. Be Social and Ali also power the content creator app, Createur, alongside Tribe Dynamics. 

Away from the influencer space, Ali’s business mind continues to project in different areas as she is also a co-owner of organic craft hard seltzer company, Ashland. Ashland supports and is partnered with the ‘Freedom & Fashion; non-profit, which uses the arts of fashion and beauty to empower youth overcoming trafficking, homelessness, and other injustices.

With experience and passions across multiple sectors, Talking Influence wanted to chat with Ali to learn a little more about what a day in her life typically looks like. 

7:00: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze two or three times (oops). It doesn’t last long though, as suddenly I’m awakened by puppy kisses! My dog, Brooks, sleeps under the covers with me every single night. 

7:15: We are up and at it! One quick walk around the block with Brooks to grab a coffee at my local coffee shop. I could drink coffee ALL day but have to stop at 12pm, or I will not sleep a single wink. We like to walk around the neighbourhood and look at houses we admire… this is our favourite daily ritual!

8:00: By 8 am, I am buzzing from the coffee. I have to start my day with a workout. If I do, I know it will be better, which is why I invested in a home gym. I usually will hop on the treadmill and do circuit training, which is 30 minutes of two minutes running and one minute walking. I swear by it! 

8:45: My Slack messages are buzzing off. Texts are going off. My email is at 300 unread. I know I need to get on the computer!

9:15: I take a quick shower and then I am ready to get down to work in my home office, with my second cup of coffee and oatmeal with berries. I am desperately trying to get my inbox down to 200, answer Slacks from my team – I oversee a team of employees and try to be as engaged and available as possible. Of course, that’s when the texts start rolling in and suddenly it’s time to fight some fires. Thank goodness for that second cup of coffee!

10:45: Fires are out for now, but my inbox is at 305. While I know I need to get to them, what is more important now is preparing for an 11 am briefing call for an event with L’Oreal and one of our influencer clients. 

Be Social workspace

11:00: Take the zoom call. Learn about the event, take notes, and get excited about the opportunity!

11:30: Back to emails. Most of my emails are from either clients, potential clients, or brand partners which consist of reviewing AND responding, so it takes a while to get through them all. I am also trying to juggle constant Slack messages from my team and texts from clients. Multitasking at its finest.

12:45: I finally had a second to have lunch and I order my favourite salad from California Chicken Cafe on Postmates. I eat at my desk, but it’s nice to have a minute to catch up on Instagram and the news. 

15:00: By now, I’ve helped the sales team with a few decks, booked a few new projects for clients, and have really cleaned out my inbox! As the east coast closes out their day, things start getting much quieter for us on the west coast. 

I have a call set with our executive team to chat through high-level operations. These calls are set for 30 minutes, but they always take more than an hour! We have a lot to go over to keep the company running efficiently, and I’m so grateful to have such an amazing team.  

16:00: I have a client call to go over all of the content submissions due for the week. An influencer with one million followers might have two or three projects due a week for brands, this client happened to have five due. We go over each project, the briefs, and ideate over content submissions. 

17:00: I receive an email from a brand that is not happy with our influencer’s content submission. This happens a lot. It’s a lot of back and forth before we meet on the middle ground on what the changes will be, and then I have to gently relay those changes to the client.

Working in the influencer industry requires a lot of patience! I am often the go-between for the brand, an agency, the influencer, and it requires a special skill set to juggle them all. It has taken me years of practice and I’m still learning!

18:00: I log in to our Be Social Instagram account to check out any comments and messages. We have seven new DMs from influencers looking to work with us, which is always exciting. I point them in the right direction to send their media kit over to our talent department for consideration. 

After ten years in the influencer business, it’s still a thrill for me when someone finds out about Be Social through social media and wants to be a part of what we are building!

19:00: I will continue to be “on” until seven o’clock. From then on, I try (emphasise TRY) not to look at my emails or Slack. I value my space away from work and try to find balance daily! Though I know the inbox count will be back up tomorrow, it’s time to snuggle with Brooks and decompress for the night. 

It was great to hear from Ali about the patience that is required when working in the influencer marketing space, and how although it may look glamorous, there is a lot of trial and error involved.

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