A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Keren Baruch, Group Product Manager, Creators at LinkedIn

Keren Baruch has been at LinkedIn for almost five years, having previously worked in roles in the job seeking, growth sectors, and LinkedIn’s marketing solutions, before working on the creator side.

When working in the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions area, Keren recognised the explosive growth of the creator ecosystem. As the LinkedIn creator community started to expand, it became clear to the team that more resources were needed in that area. Keren wanted to be as close to the future of LinkedIn’s growth as possible, and she believes her role focused on growing the creator community is really the engine inside the engine for LinkedIn. 

Working on the creator side at LinkedIn, Keren gets to know the creators on a personal level so that each project is tailored towards the individual creator. This means reading stories on how members create content on LinkedIn, as well as engaging in regular discussions with creators to learn more about their personal experiences. This is accomplished through my close partnership with the Creator Management team as well as User Research. As someone building products for creators, it’s essential that Keren understands them and listens to their feedback. 

Keren works alongside a team of 40+ Creator Managers with who she has a greater partnership. The creator management team works with a wide variety of creators from those who create engaging video content to showcase black history, black culture, black women’s empowerment and diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and society, to those advocating for the agricultural and farming industry through consistent photo, video, and in-feed post content.

Keren chatted with Talking Influence, sharing more about what a typical day in her role looks like. 

7:00-7:30: I start the day with a morning walk around the neighborhood, making sure I get outside before a long day of meetings. Sometimes I listen to WBGO, an awesome jazz station coming out of my home state, New Jersey! Often, I give my grandparents a call to chat. 

Surprisingly, I don’t drink coffee, but make sure I stay hydrated throughout the day – I use a Bluetooth-connected water bottle to make sure I drink enough. Yes, I’m a nerd! 

7:30-8:30: I read the news, check emails and LinkedIn first thing in the morning, informing myself of breaking topics in the creator world, startups, and beyond.

8:30-10:00: I have early 1:1s with my team based in NY – Supporting the Product Managers on my team in their work and lives is my number one priority. They’re amazing, and I want them to make sure they have everything they need to do their best work.

10:00-11:00: We have our creator team meeting – this is where we get the full team together each week to celebrate our wins, share pass downs, go through our metrics and goals, track the status of all of our work, and hear a deep dive from a team member about something they are excited to work on. 

11:30-12:00: I take a quick lunch break, stretch my legs and see team members who are also in the office! 

12:30-13:30: We host creator roundtables to hear how members are using the product and get feedback on ways we can make their experience better. I’ve been meeting with the creators of our Creator Accelerator Program and learn so much every time I meet with a new creator. 

13:30-14:30: I have a working session with my leads. I spend an hour with my design and engineering leads, Kevin Arcara and Ben Poyet, to talk through our longer-term strategy, thinking a year out.

14:30-15:30: Design review. This is when I review design work for a new feature that my team is working on, giving feedback.

15:30-16:00: 1:1 with Andrei, my partner and the head of Community Management, to align on product and community management team partnerships. 

16:00-18:00: I wrap up my east coast meetings and work on documents or outstanding items. I also make sure I’m prepared for the next day’s meetings. 

18:00-19:00: This is when I eat a quick dinner with my significant other, then head out together to our local salsa spot that’s just a few blocks away to dance and decompress. 

20:00: Then I get a solid eight hours of sleep, which is how I bring the energy to my team every day!

With so many of us using LinkedIn both casually and professionally every day, it was great to learn more from Keren as to how the platform is investing in its creators. 

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