A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Lucy Edgerley, Client Director, Buttermilk Agency

Lucy Edgerley has been in the role of Client Director at Buttermilk for just over a year after joining the agency initially in 2019. When Lucy was introduced to the co-founders Jamie and Motez, she soon realised how much she loved everything that the agency stands for.

When Lucy joined the Buttermilk team, the agency was (and still is) growing at a rapid pace. She soon began working across multiple brands in an account management role. From there, she worked her way up to the role of Client Director over the course of two years which, for Lucy, was an incredible (and whirlwind!) experience. 

In Lucy’s role, she works with her wider team to plan influencer marketing activations that they know will smash their clients’ objectives. This covers everything from campaign creatives to budget allocation and beyond. Lucy says, “Walking clients through these plans and showing them what we are going to achieve together is one of the best parts of my job.” 

Lucy is responsible for the internal management of the Buttermilk team. As the agency has scaled, a big part of Lucy’s role has become managing how the team works, ensuring that campaign delivery teams are well oiled and have everything they need to execute campaigns to the best of their ability.

Another big part of Lucy’s job is reactive client and campaign management. The influencer marketing landscape is constantly changing, and Lucy believes that the ability to pivot is crucial. She says, “When this happens, my job is to support my team in ensuring we optimise our approach, and that our clients are comfortable and understand the changes we are making and why – I like to think of myself as calm in a crisis… my team may or may not agree!” 

Lucy chatted with Talking Influence and gave us a breakdown of what a typical day looks like for her. 

7:00: My alarm goes off and I marvel at the fact it is still dark (part of being British is having short-term memory loss about the darkness of UK winters). I usually lay my gym kit out on the floor by my bed which definitely helps me get up and out to a 7.30 gym class. I make coffee to have on my walk to the gym which helps me to feel semi-human by the time I arrive. 

8:30-9:00: At the moment we are working 2-3 days in the office and the rest from home. Today I am working from home so I make use of the time I usually spend commuting to wash my hair (thrilling stuff!)

9:00: Whilst I scoff some toast or porridge, I usually check my emails, slack messages and set out my schedule for the day. I try to use time blocking as much as I can to keep my day focused, so I spend about 10-15 mins putting this into my calendar. After this, I spend some time looking through social content from various campaigns the teams are running, and then I may accidentally get lost in a TikTok hole… it’s research! Right?

Lucy’s breakfast

10:00: Today is Monday so we have our all-hands team meeting where we share any wins from the previous week and our priorities for the upcoming one (and of course any goss from the weekend). My favourite part is hearing our account managers run through the progress across our live campaigns – their passion for the influencer space is unmatched!

11:00-13:00: At the beginning of the year, a good amount of my time at the moment is spent working on 2022 plans for clients. Currently, I am working on a 12-month plan for one of our longest-standing clients. I spend around two hours before lunch working with our creative lead, Robyn, to make sure the deck is absolutely perfect before sending it over to the brand team. 

Lunchtime: Aka the best time of the day! We have recently started working with an instant grocery delivery service (life-changing!) so I decide most days that it would be rude not to order from them for lunch. I get some fresh bread and soup as well as something sweet for after! I try to close my laptop during lunch and go for a walk if I have time as well – it’s good for the mind. 

Lucy on a call

14:00: I catch up with Jamie and Motez, our co-founders, and fill them in on any progress updates from the previous week as well as what’s coming up this week. 

15:00-18:00: The rest of my day is mainly made up of internal check-ins with various team members. Once influencer campaigns are live, our team is constantly assessing how we can optimise and where changes may need to be made – we put our heads together and come up with the best way forward. 

18:00-Bedtime: I try to log off and not look at my emails from 6ish onwards – but it can definitely be hard! I like to book something social or go out for a walk to try to signify the end of the working day.

It’s great to learn more about how Buttermilk’s flexible work-from-home schedules allows Lucy to fit in her life admin around her daily work tasks, allowing her to reach her full potential. 

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