A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Dana Hasson, TikTok Creator and Founder of Should Look Like This

At 24 years old, Dana Hasson has found the sweet spot of social media success, amassing a loyal TikTok following of over 2.5 million in just two years.

In July 2019, Dana created an account on TikTok, and within months, went viral twice after posting a mac and cheese demo followed by a baked donut demo, which had one million and four million views respectively within 24 hours. Ever since, Dana has immersed herself in her craft full time and thinks outside the box when it comes to her content with visually pleasing and often humorous content, such as her “three shades of pink” brownies, colour changing skincare, and Kardashian inspired facemask. 

A budding entrepreneur, Dana produces, shoots, and edits her own content, regularly sharing a mix of beauty tutorials, fashion looks, and do-it-yourself baking content with her global audience. Trademarking her catch-phrase, “Should Look Like This,” Dana recognised early on that her social media platforms would be critical stepping stones to reach her end goal, a thriving lifestyle brand. 

Differentiating herself from other fashion and beauty influencers, Dana continues to pepper in can-do recipe content. In November, she expanded on her “Should Look Like This” brand launching her first product line. Now Dana is working on a weekly cooking series where she’ll invite like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts to join her in the kitchen. The Should Look Like This Show show is expected to premiere in the spring and will be seen across her TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube platforms. 

Dana chatted with Talking Influence, sharing with us what a typical day in her life looks like. 

9:00: I wake up and manifest. I’m a bit of a night owl so I start my day a little late. I used to get up at 7:45am but I found that I was always so exhausted. I’m slow to rise, I have lemon and hot water with mint (fun fact: I don’t like coffee). I’m really into manifesting so I spend time focusing on intentions and goals before checking email and social platforms. 

10:00: Exercise. NY is cold at the moment but I’ve been determined to focus on fitness this year. The 100s pilates is one of my favorite places. The classes are incredible and I feel so good after. I train three times a week at pilates and twice a week at 305 Fitness – but I’m a NewYorker and walk every day. 

11:15: Beauty routine. I’m a beauty fanatic and love testing new products. My go-to items each morning are Clinique Moisture Surge and Summer Friday’s eye cream. I love the way they make my skin feel. The products I use for my beauty look vary every day. I’m always testing new products and trying new looks. Today’s look was inspired by my love for glitter of course. My go-to glitter products right now: Charlotte Tilbury eye highlighter wand and shadows, NARS glowy foundation, Dior Beauty lip oil.  

11:45: Wardrobe. I studied visual merchandising and have always been passionate about fashion. My content is a mix between fashion, beauty, and baking but I always keep it glamourous. I love to dress up and that is why I really enjoy going to events. This past Christmas we had a ton of cancellations so I’ve been using my outfits to make content and really honing in on my style. I always say if you’re going to bake, make it glam.

12:00: I’m always trying to grow the scope of my work and try new things with content. My pipeline dream is to have my own show so I decided to start trying concepts on my platform. The show is called Should Look Like This, and I invite influencer friends to teach me their signature skills. Everything I shoot is in my kitchen which looks a lot bigger on social media!

14:00: Recipe testing for cookbook proposal. I’m currently working on a cookbook proposal so I’m always testing out new recipes. I’m not professionally trained and just go with the flow with my cooking. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. I think that’s why some of my followers enjoy my cooking videos, it’s not always a perfect outcome, but when it is, it’s so good!

15:00: InKLOUT meeting. I recently launched my personal brand with a baking kit and edible glitter inspired by two viral videos, my mini brownies, and cupcakes. I have an incredible team helping me with the process from inKLOUT, an influencer incubator. They have really guided me through every part of the process from sourcing the right suppliers that have made an incredible product, to building out a website, coordinating customer service, branding, packaging, digital marketing, e-commerce, media, and retail marketing. The women at inKLOUT are experts! I have learned so much from them and feel supported on my journey to establish my brand.

16:00: Content creation. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without brand partners. I don’t do affiliate links, and I test all products I promote on my channels. I feel like authenticity is so key on TikTok so I need to really love the brands I’m working with and promoting to my audience. 

19:00: Dinner time. I’m a foodie and adore eating out with friends. There are so many incredible restaurants and chefs in NY. Today I’m out at Zizi (my new favorite Israeli restaurant with the best hummus in NYC if you ask me) with non-social media friends. 

22:00: Interacting with followers and watching for trends. My community is everything to me. I do my best to read and respond to comments every day. I also like to make sure my content is relevant and spend time looking at my fav influencers, brainstorming creative ideas, and scrolling for trends. 

23:00: I’m up late and love to chill on the sofa watching my favorite TV shows or playing video games. Right now I’m loving Sims (of course) and watching Israeli Survivor. 

00:00: My night-time beauty routine. I sometimes do my make-up a few times a day so I spend a lot of time in the evening cleansing it off. I also use this time to unwind and disconnect from social media and get ready for rest. 

Dana is a great example of an influencer who is truly utilising the business opportunities that come with having a platform and a following online, and it’s great to learn more about the different elements of her role. 

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