A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Nish O’Connor, Senior Talent Manager, Sixteenth

Nish O’Connor joined talent agency, Sixteenth, almost three years ago after previously working in advertising sales. Having always had an interest in the influencer space, Nish is excited that she was able to make a career out of her passion.

Before entering the influencer marketing space, Nish had experience in advertising sales for the likes of Glamour Magazine, Sky and Time Inc. She always had an interest in the influencer space, telling us that she learnt how to apply makeup from OG YouTubers Zoella and Tanya Burr. This love of the influencer sphere encouraged Nish to start her own lifestyle blog and started a YouTube channel, but she soon came to realise that her career lay behind the camera. 

Nish said: “I never really considered that I could make a career out of my passion until my work in digital sales at Glamour, where we would hire influencers to give credibility to our native/ sponsored beauty content. A year later and after a phone call with our founder Danny, I knew I had to make the move to talent management and the rest was history…”

As Senior Talent Manager at Sixteenth, Nish heads up the beauty division and also personally manages five beauty and lifestyle creators – Linasha Kotalawala, Moya Mawhinney, Nayna Florence, Samio Renelda and Debbie Attwood (Beauty Glow Girl). 

In her role, Nish ensures to implement a thoughtful, considered strategy to drive commercial revenue for the creators she works with in order to help them to reach their specific goals, whether that be growth, dream brand collaborations, product launches, or book deals. 

Nish also takes pride in line-managing, mentoring, coaching, and training the beauty division to ensure they’re all working collaboratively and efficiently together. 

Nish chatted with Talking Influence, sharing with us what a typical day in her role looks like. 

6:00: I bloody love a morning as much as my boyfriend loves the snooze button. At 6am, I’m up and prepping my filter coffee (black, no sugar). 

Whilst I wait for the caffeine to kick in, I’ll get cosy on the sofa with my puppy Billie and check my to-do list for the day with a YouTube vlog playing in the background. I’ll often clear some emails so that I’m less reactive to my inbox when the working day begins.

7:30: Spin class time. I head to Boom Cycle for a 45-min dance on a bike. The obsession is real. 

9:00: I use this time to check in with my team and talent on Slack/Whatsapp and respond to any messages, before actioning any tasks that require urgent attention, from negotiating a deal with a tight turnaround, to checking through a contract’s terms so we can sign off on confirmed campaigns as soon as possible.

10:00: This morning, I squeezed in another coffee before meeting with my lovely creator Moya to discuss her goals for 2022, and decide on some actions and targets for Q1 and Q2 with her bigger goals in mind. Usually, we’d do this in person but today it wasn’t possible.

11:00: Time for our weekly talent team meet, where each Talent Manager runs through their key deals and any cross-selling opportunities with the team, to ensure we’re maximising our offering to both brands and creators. 

Sixteenth’s roster has nearly tripled from 16 to 43 Creators in the 32 months I’ve been here, so these meetings are vital for collaboration and information sharing. We also use this time to update on our progress with OKRs (objectives & key results) for the quarter, so we can keep them pushing forward. It’s crazy how quickly three months can fly by, so these meetings really help keep us on track and hold us accountable.

Nish at a beauty event

12:00: Today I have a call with one of my favourite beauty clients and we discuss some upcoming product releases and the scope for partnership opportunities with a few of our creators. I love being able to recommend the right partners to brands and exploring concepts that fit with their objectives. There’s nothing more rewarding than when a client puts their trust in the creator. With the right creator, it always pays off.

13:00: I head out for a lunchtime walk around the park and listen to a podcast (anything from ‘The Diary of a CEO’ to ‘Spencer and Vogue’, mood dependent!). I make sure I block out an hour a day in my calendar so it’s now become an important part of my routine and as cliche as it sounds, it really does help to reset and re-energise for the afternoon.

14:00: Another catch-up, this time with an influencer agency! We discuss new clients, upcoming campaigns, and all things TikTok. I always like to ask what we can be doing to make my clients’ lives easier, so we bounce ideas off of one another around this too.

15:00 – 18:00:  Back to the inbox, which has been neglected today. I work through emails and ad hoc admin tasks, including the talent gifting inbounds, and send these opportunities to my creators. I reply to slack messages and do some ad hoc outreach for my creators based on recent conversations and their content and brand goals for the quarter.

19:00: This evening I’m off to meet an old colleague for a glass (bottle) of red. I don’t usually drink during the week unless I’m going out. Apparently, Thursdays are the new Friday?

Talent managers are a key part of the influencer partnership puzzle, and Nish does a great job at sharing how talent managers help to bridge the gap between the influencer and the brand in order for all parties to succeed. 

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