A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Beckii Flint, Co-Founder of Pepper Studio

Beckii Flint co-founded boutique influencer marketing agency Pepper Studio in 2019 after experiencing life at an influencer tech start up, and having gained her own experience as an influencer herself.

Beckii and her team co-founded Pepper Studio with the idea of keeping a human approach at the core, after finding the industry straying towards being programmatic and impersonal. Pepper Studio was awarded Best Boutique Influencer Marketing Agency at the IMAs in 2021, showing that the personal approach that Beckii and her team take towards influencer marketing is a real success. 

In her role, Beckii focuses on marketing the business and introducing Pepper Studio’s offering to prospective clients. She also works with the team when planning, strategising, implementing, and executing end-to-end influencer campaigns, as well as handling director-level business duties including finance, business planning, strategy.

Beckii chatted to Talking Influence to tell us what a typical day in her life looks like. 

During the working week, I’m strict about my morning routine. I have a rule in which I am not allowed to use my phone at all until I complete this routine. 

7:00: I listen to Google Home tell me the weather, my diary, and the latest news headlines before getting out of bed and doing an at-home Pilates session. After finishing this, I take my vitamins and continue my progress on Duolingo, and I also try to make time to read. (I’m currently reading Anne Bronte’s, Agnes Grey). Once all of this is complete, I can use my phone to check messages and see the social landscape that’s emerged overnight.

8:00: I use this time to have a shower, get ready for the day, do any household chores like laundry or cleaning, and prepare breakfast.

9:00: My co-founders Alice, Joe, and I will typically check in over a Zoom meeting and go over the agenda for the day and the week, and will discuss our financials and targets to ensure we are on track.

10:00: I’ll complete the most time-sensitive tasks of the day and empty my email inbox to ensure that nobody is waiting on me for a response to anything. 

11:00: I find that front-loading the day with the most creative tasks is the key to maximising my productivity, so I’ll begin one of the bigger creative tasks of the day, for example, building a deck for a client.

12:00: I’m an early eater, so I’ll make lunch at exactly 12 PM, and I’ll also use this time to check in on my own social channels, engaging with comments and noting ideas. Once a week, I also host accountability sessions with a group of my peers, where we check in on our accomplishments of the week, and set our goals for the week ahead, giving support and focus, and helping us stay on track.

13:00: I work from home, but once a week I’ll head into a WeWork around lunchtime, and embrace the change in environment for the afternoon. I’ll use this opportunity to host face-to-face meetings with clients, too.

14:00: Whilst continuing with campaign management tasks in the afternoon, I’ll also take time to read various trade press news around influencer marketing, to maintain a good level of knowledge within the space, as well as keeping an eye on the activity and campaigns going live from other brands too.

15:00: I’ll usually have calls booked in the afternoon, either internal brainstorms or document reviews, or external chats with potential partners.

16:00: I’ll check in on my to-do list and ensure that I’m on track to complete everything I’ve set out for the day. If it looks like something will over-run, I’ll block it into my calendar to make time for it during the remainder of the week. I’ll also use this time to deliver any lengthier work I’ve done to clients, and have another scour of the emails to ensure nothing is left to sit.

17:00: This is the end of our working day at Pepper Studio, so I’ll then switch focus and work on my own social content. This could be preparatory, such as researching, organising, and planning the posts I want to create, or it could be a practical endeavour too.

18:00: I’ll make sure to go for a walk and get some fresh air, and I’ll eat dinner around this time, whether it’s at home, or in town with a friend. I love all of the great culture and opportunities that we have in London, so I try to make the most of it as much as I can by visiting exhibitions or going to the theatre.

19:00 – onwards: I’ll use this time to check in with my friends and family, listen to some podcasts and unwind, and do a creative hobby. I’m a huge fan of fashion and the textile arts, so I do a lot of sewing, crochet, embroidery, and tailoring whilst enjoying a programme.

22:00: During the working week I’ll get into bed and listen to Radio 3 around this time.

It’s great to understand more about how Beckii applies her first-hand experience as an influencer to her role at Pepper Studio, supporting the award-winning team and helping the agency thrive.

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