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Case Study: How Estrid Drives Success Through Influencer Partnerships

Influencer marketing strategies are now implemented far and wide by brands who want to push their product or service far and wide to engage, entertain, and turn casual consumers into loyal customers. Swedish razor brand, Estrid, are amongst those thriving in the influencer marketing space.

In this case study, Lise Höckertin, Influencer Marketing Manager at Estrid tells Talking Influence why influencer marketing works for the brand, and how the brand’s strategy continues to evolve.

Estrid has created an Instagramable yet practical product

What is Estrid, and what was the motivation behind launching the brand?

Founded in 2019 by Amanda Westerbom, Alan Aygun, and Ben Eliass, we are Scandinavia’s first razor brand. We are on a mission to spread joy, meaning, and value to millions by building the most daring and inclusive brands in the world. 

Everyone has body hair. And therefore everyone should have access to great hair removal products. Simple as that. That’s why we created a sustainable vegan razor that fits any body and any need. Every human and every being. At Estrid we strongly believe that shaving is optional – but that great hair removal products definitely shouldn’t be. Regardless of whether you shave daily, not at all, once a year, or when you feel like it. 

Traditionally, razor brands have been infamous for showing people shaving already hairless legs. Something that 1: just doesn’t make sense and 2: creates anxiety and unreasonable expectations. 

We actively show body hair in our visual communication and are one of very few brands to do so. We want to drive a shift away from hair removal being seen as a “must” towards the choice it actually is. Shave. Or don’t. Your body, your hair, your choice. 

How did you learn about influencer marketing, and how did you decide this would be a good tool for you to use?

Influencer marketing has been an integral part of our strategy since the very launch of the brand back in 2019. Through exposure in influencer’s channels, we’ve managed to establish a strong presence in the ever-changing social media landscape. 

I think what contributed to our success is also the fact that we have a really good product-market fit: customers, as well as the influencers we’ve worked with, really welcomed our body hair approach; it’s natural and something we all have.

Tell us a little more about the influencer collaborations you do, eg. gifting, one-off paid partnerships and long-term partnerships? 

We work with both gifted collaborations with smaller content creators, as well as paid collaborations with bigger profiles. 

Nano gifting: In order to grow and strengthen our community, we work widely with gifting products to influencers with a smaller following (1000 – 30 000 followers). This is a great way of facilitating word-of-mouth, and hence increasing brand awareness, through what you can say is a “grass-root approach”. 

To us, UGC is an essential part of our digital marketing, so we also do a lot of content collaborations, meaning we buy usage rights for content created by smaller profiles within our community. 

Paid collaborations: Influencer marketing is one of the most important marketing channels at Estrid. Through paid influencer collaborations, we can maximise brand awareness and reach, as well as attract and convert new customers to the Estrid universe. This means that we efficiently can cover the entire funnel through one channel. 

We currently run influencer marketing campaigns in six different European markets. We work with a combination of one-off collaborations and longer-term partnerships. 

We have a data-driven way of working, which means we always request certain insights and statistics from a profile before proceeding to book them. Based on this data, we then set benchmarks for each collaboration. Once the collaboration has gone live, we follow up and analyse the actual performance. The metrics we evaluate vary depending on the objective of the campaign. 

For brand awareness campaigns we look at the CPM within our target audience, whereas for conversion campaigns we look at metrics such as CAC, ROI, and the actual number of sales. Based on these numbers we then evaluate whether to re-book the profile or not and decide how to potentially tweak the brief for next time in order to optimise the outcome. 

Beautiful lifestyle shots engage the consumer

What are some of Estrids goals for the future?

2022 is a very exciting year for Estrid as we have really ambitious growth goals. We will broaden our marketing efforts and utilise a wider spectrum of channels. However, influencer marketing will continue to play a key role in our marketing, as we plan to increase our investment in this channel and expand the team throughout the year.

We will also launch new products in the Estrid universe, and continue to challenge norms within our field and the industry in general.

Estrid is a great example of a brand that entered the influencer marketing space in its infancy to increase brand awareness through the means of micro-influencer gifting. As the brand becomes more established, and the metrics show what works, Estrid has embarked on strong influencer partnerships that will continue into the brand’s future.