A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Amy Pohl, Social Media Influencer

When Amy Pohl started making TikTok videos during the 2020 lockdown for a bit of fun, she had no idea that it would soon become her career. Now, Amy says she would not be where she is without the support of her loyal followers.

Amy Pohl first downloaded TikTok thinking that it would be a great way to pass some time during the lockdown, especially considering she had been moved to a rehabilitation facility where she would have to spend two weeks in isolation.

Initially, Amy thought she had a private account, but now, she is thankful she didn’t as the app allowed her to build a strong support network when she was going through a difficult time. Amy says: “The more I shared, the more I realised I wasn’t alone and other people were going through similar battles, realising that I was helping others meant so much to me and inspired me to keep posting. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my amazing followers!”

Nearly two years on, Amy works alongside her management team at Bytesized Talent, the talent management arm of Fanbytes aids her in creating ad campaigns for a variety of different brands. As well as creating campaigns for brands, the core motivator for Amy when producing content is to have fun whilst raising awareness of important topics. 

Amy chatted with Talking Influence to tell us a little more about what a typical day in her life looks like. 


I prefer late nights to early mornings, I am not a morning person! I am woken up early by the nurses as I have to take my morning medications for my chronic health conditions. 

After this I choose to stay in bed, I take this time to check emails, check my notifications, respond to some comments on my social media platforms. I then look at what I need to get done today and make sure I can fit it around my busy rehabilitation schedule.

When I am ready to get up, I buzz for my carers and they assist me into my wheelchair, where I then go on to do my hair and makeup. 

Day time

I do lots of therapies throughout the day to support my rehabilitation; which includes physiotherapy, psychology, and occupational therapy. It can be difficult to fit my influencer work around my extremely busy rehab schedule at times (especially when I have hospital visits) but I always make it work.

Sometimes if I know it’s going to be a busy day, with little time for content creation, I’ll ask my therapist staff if I can make content within their sessions. Whether it’s filming wax therapy in physio or baking a cake in OT, it always works out and the staff here are great and always extra willing to help out. 

In the early afternoon, I usually film content that is not ‘in-the-moment’ based. Sometimes some of my carers even get involved and we love joking around and playing pranks on each other. I live with a lot of other people so I like chatting to them and the carers throughout the day too. The care staff also assist me in making all of my own meals, which is great for my rehabilitation. 

When filming is done, I usually post content between four and eight o’clock as this is typically my prime time. 


My evenings are spent talking to my family, scrolling endlessly on social media, and watching YouTube/Amazon Prime/Netflix. I am currently watching Pretty Little Liars (for the sixth time!). 

Before I go to sleep I check my calendar and plan out what I need to get done the next day; jotting down video ideas. My best video ideas always come to me at 2 am! 

Despite many of her hours in the day revolving around her medical treatments, Amy has seen the positive opportunities that have come from being in a challenging situation and use her platform as an outlet to support others who may be going through similar things. Amy’s platform is a perfect example of how influencers can use their platforms to educate as well as entertain. 

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