A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Vik Khagram, Senior Account Director of Influencer Relations, Ketchum

Vik Khagram has been working in the influencer sphere for eight years now and has seen the industry take shape, reshape, and evolve in many ways.

With eight years of influencer marketing experience under his belt, three months ago Vik began his current role at Ketchum working on the social and influence team as a Senior Account Director across a host of global brands.

In Vik’s new role, he works to ensure that there is a solid synergy between brand messaging and influencer content, which is the key to strong influencer marketing. Relationship building with influencers and their agents is imperative to the success of Vik’s role.

Within his team, Vik imparts practical and strategic guidance during and after campaigns so that everyone across Ketchum’s social and influence teams are well placed to build on campaign successes and help with fostering strong ties between brands and influencers.

Vik chatted with Talking Influence, sharing with us what a typical day in his new role looks like. 

6:00: Today I was up early for my personal training session. Getting my workouts done early means that I actually do them, rather than in the evenings when the calling of my couch is often far too strong after a busy day. As hard as it is to wake up so early and work out, I feel it sharpens my mind for the day and in the words of Gary Neville, helps me ‘attack the day’.

8:00: Protein shake followed by a green tea while reading through industry news and views. It is so important to be aware of the world around us, be it industry news, or the regular news. I usually play music very loudly in the morning while doing this. Recently Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ album has been in heavy rotation – the soundscape is cinematic. Music is a big part of my morning (90s/Noughties RnB and Hip Hop is the genre of choice!) and gives me the boost I need to start the morning alert and happy.

9:00: Will usually take the next hour to respond to messages over email or Teams, while double-checking my to-do list for the day (which was written the previous evening) and figuring out the windows to get those tasks completed, around the various meetings that have been set up for the day.

10:00: We have our team check-in, running over the various live campaigns that we are working on and also updating on any new business opportunities that are coming our way. It’s great to catch up with the team during this time and see how everyone is getting on.

11:00: Today I am writing a new proposal for a client and I like to get my head down for this, so I ensure there is no music or distractions. I enjoy this time a lot as it really allows me to bring out my creative side. Strategic structure is really important here too, I always want to take the reader on a journey and enjoy the process of doing so.

13:00: Lunchtime. Ketchum has a great culture and 1 pm is the “Ketchum Quiet Hour”. This allows everyone sometime each day to make sure they take a break and grab some lunch, go for a walk, do that important piece of life admin that needed doing, or catch up with a colleague. The time is also useful to recalibrate after a busy morning and set your stall for the afternoon. When working from home it can be difficult to get away from the desk, so I find this time really useful.

14:00: My afternoons are full of meetings, especially today. These include client meetings to talk over prospective campaigns, internal meetings to regroup on specific client workstreams, and more internal meetings to talk about our exciting plans for Ketchum’s influencer marketing team for the year ahead. I also always make sure that I speak to influencers, influencer agents, or other influencer marketing professionals. 

The industry moves so fast, so I make sure I know what is happening on the ground to keep me best informed, which in turn helps our clients too. I have managed to build up great relationships over the years, and it’s always nice to have a coffee and a catch-up.

17:00: I use this time to do the rounds with team members and check that we are all on track for the following day and to see if there are any things that the teams need from me that week. So many things can happen during the day, there is often a new opportunity to discuss or a new ask from a client, so I use the end of the day to gather this information to help me plan my week.

18:00: I write my to-do list at the end of the day, plotting out what needs to be done in the following days, while trying to prioritise the important or most pressing tasks. Doing this at the end of the day is great for me as I can see what I have achieved that day and also paint a picture of what the rest of the week looks like. 

18:30: Dinner time, my favourite time of the day as I enjoy cooking and eating! People who say food is just fuel are so wrong. Dinner is a time to unwind and use your brain in a different way when cooking and creating in the kitchen.

19:30: I use this time to watch TV (Godfather of Harlem is my series at the moment), or some sport if it is on, usually football. If it was near the weekend I would probably try and head out at some point to catch up with friends over a beer(s). Tonight is firmly indoors as it is raining heavily so I’m enjoying the home comforts.

21:00: While watching TV and chatting to friends on Whatsapp, I will also be scrolling through various social media platforms and seeing the latest content. I always try to keep my eye out for influencer campaigns or creative trends that may be happening on social media and make a note of anything that looks interesting. With the emergence of TikTok and other forms of content like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, there is so much conversation and content out there that can inspire your next campaign.

22:30: I try to get in bed at a decent hour and read for half an hour or so. Currently, I am reading ‘Creative Quest’ by Amir ‘Questlove’ Thompson which takes you on his sharp, wise, and witty journey through creativity.

I then usually end up watching a podcast or content series on YouTube. Long-form content is highly engaging and seeing some of the retention rates of some of the three-hour podcasts that I watch shows people do like to occupy their minds for long periods of time too. 

YouTube has almost become a TV channel in its own right and there is always something enjoyable to watch, from Hot Ones to The Joe Budden Podcast, the many shows by Footasylum, or even Vogues 100 questions series. So while I may get in bed at a decent hour I am often up late!

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