A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Lindsay Jerutis, Managing Director, ShopStyle Collective

After spending a few years growing a content and commerce business at a traditional media company, Lindsay Jerutis began her role as the General Manager of ShopStyle Collective almost two years ago. We found out how Lindsay applies her previous experience and passion to her GM role.

Lindsay believes her role as General Manager at ShopStyle Collective has been a natural progression as it has allowed her to tap into all parts of her background. At ShopStyle, she is able to focus on enhancing influencer content through methods used by editorial teams, finesse sales tactics to go up against big media players, develop products geared toward a content and commerce business, and so much more.

Within her role, Lindsay covers a wide variety of tasks, but there are a few primary responsibilities that stand out to her in particular. Firstly, she is charged with directing both the short and long-term priorities for the business, meaning that she has to decipher and navigate what her team needs to focus on in order to close out each quarter as successfully as possible, while also ensuring long-term growth doesn’t fall by the wayside. 

She is also responsible for managing revenue goals for both affiliate and media sales. To make sure her team is reaching the benchmarks they set for themselves, she ensures to meet and strategise with the leadership of those two teams weekly. 

Lindsay also has responsibilities in working with the product and engineering teams. She works cross-functionally to help teams understand what it is they are building, and how these products ladder up to the teams’ overall objectives, key results, and goals. 

Lindsay chatted to Talking Influence, telling us what a typical working day in her life looks like. 

6:00: My alarm goes off. If I’ve had a good night of sleep and there haven’t been any middle-of-the-night wakeups from my three kids, then I will get up and go on my Peloton for a quick class. For all my fellow Peloton users out there, I tend to gravitate toward Cody, Robin, and Emma’s classes. They always get me going! But I will admit that there are a lot of mornings where this doesn’t happen because… LIFE! 

I try to get up and start my morning routine as much as possible because I do love it when I can get myself in gear early, work out and shower before anyone else in the house is up.

7:00: And the parade of crazy begins! My kids are in kindergarten, third and fifth grade and they all leave the house at separate times. One of the nice things about the pandemic has been that I can take my kids to the bus stop which is right down the street. But even without having to get into the office, it’s still nutty trying to make sure everyone has eaten breakfast, packed their lunch, violins, homework, etc. – all without having to sprint to the bus to make it on time.

8:30: After coffee and a quick bite, I’ll sit down at my desk and get to work. The first thing I do in the morning is start my day with a look at my bullet journal and a review of what I need to do for the day. I’m big into bullet journaling – it has helped me stay organised as my life has gotten more and more hectic. I use it for both personal and professional responsibilities, and I go through a whole LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook about every two or three months.

Since I’m on the East Coast and many of my team members are on the West Coast, my mornings are relatively clear — which is great because I can usually get through a decent number of big-ticket items that I need to address (strategy presentations, goal reviews, executive updates, etc). With that said, we’ve recently been expanding our East Coast team which is great! So a few days a week I will aim to connect with them in the morning. Excitingly one of our new team members works nearby so we sometimes get to grab a coffee and catch up in person! It’s amazing how being able to collaborate in person can energise you.

12:00 noon: It’s time for the meetings to begin! Usually from noon to 6:00 PM, I’m in meetings back-to-back. This includes weekly meetings with each of my direct reports — including product, engineering, media sales, influencer growth and strategy, marketing, and operations teams. I also usually have meetings throughout the week with various cross-functional teams at Rakuten to touch base on any enterprise-level projects that we can contribute to or have a stake in. 

Recently I joined the Rakuten Executive D&I Steering Committee and have been putting effort towards our company-wide goals of creating a more diverse and equitable workforce. This has been a pillar at ShopStyle Collective for many years, and so I was excited and grateful to add to this work. 

We are also undergoing some branding work for ShopStyle Collective. The business has evolved significantly over the past three years, and we are investing in making sure that the face we present to the world represents who we are now and who we want to be in the long term.

18:00: I try to wrap up work around this time most days. My two oldest children often have activities after school, and we will sometimes be on carpool duty. It’s a nice time of the day to see the kids in their element – with friends, doing what they love. This is something I never got to do before the pandemic, so it’s one thing for which I’m grateful and a silver lining to what we’ve all been battling through the past couple of years.

19:00: My husband usually gets home from work around this time, so as often as we can we try to sit down and have dinner together. I’ll be honest, our dinners during the week are far from fancy (last night we had just some pasta with asparagus!) But the act of just sitting at the table and hearing about who had art today or who sat with whom at lunch is really nice. 

20:00: It’s bedtime for the kids. The bedtime process isn’t *quite* as crazy as the morning but it’s definitely not smooth. One of the new routines we’ve started is for my husband and me to switch between putting my kindergartener to bed, while the other puts the older kids to bed. When I get to do the older ones, I like to read with them – so I actually get my book and we all just read next to each other instead of me reading to them. They’re old enough now to read on their own and it’s great downtime for me as well.

21:00: The house is quiet and my husband and I will make some tea and watch a show. We recently finished White Lotus (I loved it, he hated it) and are onto Mare of Easttown. It’s hard to stop by 10:00 PM but we force ourselves so we’re not exhausted in the morning.

22:00: I spend about ten to 20 minutes journaling and reading a physical book. I have found this really resets me for the next day and lets me get a good night’s sleep. I just finished Anxious People (such an interesting read) and am on to the Memory Police next. 

22:30: It’s lights out! Time to rest up and get ready for another crazy, busy, wonderful day.

Lindsay’s working routine allows her to fit in quality time with her children and husband, as well as managing her ShopStyle Collective team, allowing the e-commerce business to thrive. 

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