A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Brittani Kagan, Head of Talent Partnerships, Portal A

Brittani Kagan made her entrance into the influencer space when she started in the mailroom at APA Talent agency in 2011. To begin with, Brittani had little conception of the digital world other than seeing a couple friends getting jobs as talent managers at multi channel networks, but now, she is thrilled to be working with some of the world’s leading brands and digital content creators as a career.

After some time at APA Talent agency, Brittani eventually took a leap of faith and began freelance producing, directing, and writing — this is where she really learned about production, eventually leading her to the digital world and Portal A in 2015.

In her role as Head of Talent Partnerships at Portal A, Brittani leads the company’s overall approach to talent partnerships with brands and clients. This includes talent casting, managing relationships with talent and their representatives, negotiating talent deals, and collaborating closely with the creative, strategy, production, and post teams at Portal A. 

Brittani is pleased to be managing, as she says, an ‘all-star’ team of talent producers, helping them to navigate the ins and outs of their projects. As well as this, Brittani’s role extends to developing, packaging, and producing talent-driven original series for leading streaming networks and platforms. She’s no one-trick pony!

Brittani chatted to Neve Fear-Smith to show Talking Influence readers what a day in her life in talent partnerships typically looks like… 

9:00-11:00: I live on the east coast and work west coast hours — after 10 years in LA and with the pandemic silver lining of Portal A’s flexible work model, I made a big move to the bucolic wonderland that is Hudson, NY—sometimes referred to as the Brooklyn of the Hudson Valley. 

It works out nicely since I’ve never been known to be a morning person. I start my day with a homemade iced Americano, quality time with my cats Betty and Veronica, and either a stroll through town, yoga, reading, or writing. If I’m really ambitious, I’ll sneak in a hike or even a few hours skiing in the wintertime.

Brittani and her cat

11:00-12:30: I catch up on emails, review my schedule, and jot down some priorities for the day. It’s also a perfect time to do some deep work that’s harder to accomplish when Slack fires up. This is where I often do my creative work on the originals side of our business, like creating materials for new shows we’re developing or reviewing the nitty-gritty of a deal. It’s also a time to zoom out and think about larger goals I have for my team and our work. Similar to studying late into the night in college when most people are asleep, there’s a certain rush to getting work done before most people are online.

12:30-16:00: A flurry of project syncs, client check-ins, putting out fires, and talent generals, mixed with Slack chatter and huddles with my team of talent producers and fellow department heads as we navigate needs across brand campaigns and leads. 

16:00-17:00: Blessed quiet hour — a company-wide offline hour where folks can do focused work, take a break, eat some food, or snuggle with pets. 

17:00-20:00: Sometimes a few meetings slot in here, but it’s usually a time to review decks, one-sheets, talent lists, external communications, contract redlines before we ship them out at the end of the day.  

21:00-00:00: Time to unwind! The Hudson Valley likes to make it hard to find a restaurant open for dinner late on a weeknight, but that’s part of what makes it so charming. But I have the bounty of the farmer’s market to toss together, usually followed by an old-fashioned TV marathon. I start with lighter fare like Bravo or a soapy teen drama like Outer Banks — the ones I can watch while doing a facemask, a new embroidery project, painting my nails, or what I like to call a “nesting activity” like tidying up, moving around furniture, or hanging art. Then I move into the newer fare like Loki, The Handmaid’s Tale, or Ted Lasso — it’s an intricate formula.

Brittani’s cat and embroidery

Brittani’s day in the life allows us to take a further look into another example of how flexible working schedules are coming into play more and more post-pandemic, creating the ideal work/life balance. 

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