A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Ray Sherlock, Founder, Engage Hub

Ray Sherlock founded Engage Hub out of his living room in August 2015, having realised that there was a real need for an agency to produce fresh, creative and high impact social media and influencer marketing for brands. The main focus for Ray in his role is to be innovative, grow the agency, and raise capital.

Ray remains at the heart of the agency, and he aims for this to always be the case. He knows the ins and outs of every role and works closely with all of his teams – navigating, nurturing, and inspiring them through the good and the bad, leveling up the agency’s services, and securing world-class clients.

Having overseen the expansion of the agency into London from Manchester, Ray has ensured that he is always in the thick of it – contributing to key campaign ideas, leading innovation, and developing ambitious strategies, like the radical four-day working week. The agency now offers a wealth of services, from influencer marketing, creative and production, paid media, social commerce, and social media management.

Ray chatted to Neve Fear-Smith to show Talking Influence readers what a day in his life as an agency founder typically looks like… 

5:00-8:30: I’m an early riser, always have and always will be. My alarm is set for 5 am and I start the day with some morning meditation. This really helps clear my head and gets me focused before the day starts.

After this – exercise. Whether it’s an hour in the gym or a dog walk around the farms of Essex with Harry (my adorable Jack Russell) exercise helps to set me up for the day. It gives me the energy I need to start the day right, and ready to get into things.

8:30: A nice strong Irish tea and emails. I don’t like checking anything work-related before 8:30 am as this is time for me and I’ve found in the past it can impact my productivity. I’ll check in with my senior leadership team to see what the agency’s day is looking like and see if there are any potential issues that could occur. 

9:00-13:00: Mornings tend to consist of meetings with various teams to make sure things are running smoothly. I am still heavily involved in the day-to-day of the agency, it’s my absolute passion. I’ll spend this time checking in on new client pitches, catching up on new product development ideas, working with finance to check the agency is continually growing, and collaborating on marketing plans for the agency.

We are back in the office two days a week which I think we’ve all really enjoyed. Being creative and bouncing ideas off one another is difficult online, and although we made it work last year, I’m really loving seeing the agency buzzing in real life again.

The Engage Hub Team

13:00-17:30: Afternoons can consist of similar activities to the morning, however recently I’ve been working on the strategy for Engage Hub and the direction we are taking it in. This means I can be sitting on calls with our design teams working up our next big idea, or shut in my office working through plans. 

As the agency has grown I’ve also had the pleasure to be invited as a guest speaker/judge at some really cool events in the industry. So my afternoons can be spent chatting to industry experts, discussing our innovative four-day week, or judging some amazing content in the marketing sphere.

17:30-21:00: Once I finish work, I’m back home and usually like to destress from the day with another gym session. It helps me switch off from my working day, and helps me to leave work in the office (although as you can imagine, this isn’t always the reality!)

After that, I love getting handy in the kitchen. I’m addicted to prawn, crab, and avocado salads at the moment, and I’ve become a bit of a dab-hand making them – hit me up if you want the recipe!

Bon Appétit!

Finally, I’ll check my diary for the next day and make sure I’m happy that all my tasks are set up and ready. I’ll finish the day in bed with a good book, and some more meditation to help me switch off and get ready for another exciting day ahead.

It is great to hear how Ray is able to take time for himself and focus on his passions alongside Engage Hub’s four-day week initiative. Perhaps this is something we will begin to see more of in the influencer marketing industry in the near future.

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