A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Sravya Attaluri, Creative Director at Hello Colour

Sravya began her career as a graphic designer, but her passion for advocating for mental health has since led her to grow her empire as an ​​’Multidisciplinary Artivist’. Sravya has built an Instagram following of over 34,000 who join her on her journey to raising awareness of mental health through the medium of art.

One year ago, Sravya set up Hello Colour – a multidisciplinary studio using brand strategy, storytelling, and design to drive social impact. She has previously been working as a designer and helping brands big and small with their creative campaigns for many years. Some of Sravya’s clients include Instagram, Adobe, and TikTok.

Working in agencies, Srayva found she had no control over which clients or projects she would be working on, and being a mental health advocate, she knew she wanted to specialise in using her creative skill set to drive positive change. Hello Colour allows Srayva to selectively work with clients that are working on projects for the greater good, and she also has the opportunity and freedom to train other creatives to specialise their skill sets to create social impact.

Sravya is passionate about making sure her teammates have a good work-life balance, aren’t overwhelmed, and are truly invested in the projects they work on. She also works to ensure that her team can balance client projects with community and pro-bono projects, making sure the work processes and business operations of her studio run smoothly.

Sravya told Talking Influence what a typical day in her life looks like. 

Morning: I usually wake up around five or six am for morning calls (my clients are in different timezones). After my calls, I check my emails and prepare a daily agenda with assignments for the rest of my team and realign my priorities.

I try to squeeze in a few stretches and by eight or nine am, my family are up and I join them for breakfast – this is my favorite part of the day – we’re all in a good mood (usually) and my mum always makes a delicious south Indian meal! 

Before I start working again, I shower then head into my studio, light my favorite candles, pick up a few markers, and doodle!  It’s a mindfulness practice I developed called #dailydoodles and it almost works like journaling – but visual and it helps me calm down my morning anxiety.

I then hop on my daily morning calls with teammates, then client calls, and then start tackling tasks one at a time.

Sravya at work

Afternoon: I usually skip lunch since I have heavy breakfasts but I sometimes use my lunch hour to take a nap since I wake up so early. My work usually takes me all the way until evening but I make sure to take breaks to kickbox or hang out with my dog.

Evening: After work, I’ll join my family or partner for dinner, either at home or out. I usually don’t check my phone after work and when I start getting tired, I pick up a magazine or book and read before bed! 

Right before going to sleep, I check my calendar for the next day’s agenda and set at least three alarms so I can wake up on time and then crash right away!

By showing real commitment to her passion for art, Sravya has successfully engaged a loyal and growing following that supports and shares the work she does – pushing the message of destigmatising mental health far and wide. 

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