A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Sedge Beswick, Managing Director at SEEN Connects

Talking Influence’s day in the life series aims to provide insight into the roles of some of the key players within the influencer marketing industry, enabling readers to understand more about the work that happens behind the scenes that allows the industry to thrive. Today’s installment features Sedge Beswick, Managing Director at SEEN Connects, and IMA judge.

Sedge founded SEEN Connects five years ago after previously working in social media and influencer marketing roles for the likes of 3 Mobile and ASOS. Since the launch of SEEN Connects, Sedge and her team have achieved multiple awards, including Best Boutique Influencer Marketing Agency at the Influencer Marketing Awards 2020, and have built up an impressive roster of clients including Nike, Red Bull, Hyundai, and Jo Malone. 

As a successful entrepreneur, Sedge’s enthusiasm is evident in her role of Managing Director at SEEN Connects. Sedge is responsible for Winning new clients for SEEN Connects, she spends most of her days identifying leads, creating pitch material, and understanding their work. The SEEN Connects team is just shy of 100 people, so Sedge now supports the senior team with the direction of the business and how they can scale it. 

Alongside these roles, Sedge is very passionate about recruiting the best team possible; it is extremely important to Sedge that the working environment she creates is enjoyable for all of her colleagues.

Sedge spoke to Talking Influence, giving us a rundown of what a day in the life of a Managing Director typically looks like…

8:00-10:00: I try to keep this slot free for emails, catching up on whatever bits and pieces I need to look at that day… always fuelled with a latte. 

10:00-16:00: Now, this is the time for the UK arm of Connects; Senior team one-to-ones, client pitches, general reviews of anything that needs signing off before it goes out the door. I am basically useless from 3pm – 5pm so I avoid anything client-facing between then. 

16:00-19:00: This is then time for Team US! The guys are primarily in LA and San Fran from the team’s side of things so catching up with them, reviewing their new business pitches, answering any questions from across the pond… Until I can actually get out there to spend some time with them. 

19:00: I try to actually spend some time with my fiancé in the hope he’ll still marry me come September! He runs his own business too (albeit VERY different from an influencer marketing agency) which means he gets the hours that go into it. That could be a date night (you can usually find us in Paradise in Hampstead Heath) or client dinners, out with friends… if it’s a Friday when there’s not a global pandemic.. somewhere listening to live music!

Sedge’s passion shines through in her day-to-day life, showing that when you love your career, each day is enjoyable, yet you still appreciate the importance of taking time out at the end of each day to do something that you enjoy. 

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