A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Grant McAngus, Partnerships Director at Vamp

Talking Influence’s day in the life series aims to provide insight into the roles of some of the key players within the influencer marketing industry, enabling readers to understand more about the work that happens behind the scenes that allows the industry to thrive. In today's installment, Grant McAngus provides a deep dive into a day in the life of a partnerships director.

Grant has been a part of the Vamp team for three years, but he doesn’t have the typical influencer marketing background. Grant previously worked for Apple, and only when he started at Vamp did he delve into the world of social media marketing. 

Despite having no previous marketing experience, Grant had always had a strong passion for technology and marketing, so the ad for the role of Partnerships Director at Vamp stood out to him as he could see that it would combine both of those passions. 

In his role, Grant’s primary responsibility is helping brands build and deliver their influencer campaigns, giving them guidance on the strategy and helping them use the Vamp platform effectively. He also spends a lot of time keeping on top of what’s going on in the industry, as the influencer marketing industry is one that is ever evolving. 

Grant is always collaborating with his team, whether that’s on a pitch or new strategy idea for a client. He really values the importance of collaborating, checking in and supporting everyone in his team.

Grant McAngus

As someone who is truly passionate about his role, Grant tells Talking Influence what a typical day in his life looks like… 

7:00: I wake up, grab my laptop and get cracking on my emails from bed. Yes, I know, you won’t find it in any mindful work manuals, but it’s the current reality! I did a good three-month stretch in lockdown where I started my day at 5am, did a workout, then some reading before starting work. But it’s unsustainable, especially since I love staying up staring at my phone just as much as anyone else!

8:00: After I’ve cleared my emails, I’ll make myself some breakfast and get ready for a day of working from home. I love music and spend all day listening to it. So, I make the most of being at home and put on some Charli XCX and Miles Davis – or the stuff that would probably get me some strange looks in the office!

9:00: The day officially starts with the UK office WIP, a tradition that began in lockdown and continued ever since. We share our plans for the day and discuss any blockers. I take a potential new client through a platform demo, then spend the rest of the morning working on brand influencer marketing strategies. I’m a morning person and find it’s when I’m feeling my most creative. Then it’s time to tune in to a short webinar from The Drum to get across the latest in privacy and personalisation. 

12:00: At lunchtime, I balance out my 7am email session. We are fortunate at Vamp to have super flexible working hours, so I take advantage of a slightly longer break, go for a run, or do a workout before lunch. This kind of routine helps me beat the dreaded Zoom fatigue and does wonders to break up my day.

13:00: I tease myself looking at all of the amazing restaurants on Deliveroo, but *most* of the time, I try to go for something light, so I don’t get that afternoon slump. 

14:00: Feeling fresh, I get on with some prep work for MAD//Fest London. We’re exhibiting there in July, and I’ll be pitching on the Brand Challenge Stage, so I want everything to be perfect. Then I’ll usually finish the day checking in with the rest of the team on our live projects and just catching up in general. 

18:00: Time for dinner, and I’m attempting another new recipe. I am a big fan of subscription meal kits, which keeps it different every week. The biggest challenge is making my meal look as good as it does on the page. That part is definitely still a work in progress!

20:00: Something I’ve got back into recently is drawing. Since lockdown, I’ve found it helps me completely unwind in the evenings. I use my iPad and pencil and just sit for a couple of hours and sketch. It helps me take my mind off work and hands away from my emails. That being said, the pubs are open now, so drawing has taken a slight backseat!  

21:00: I have to say I probably spend a decent portion of the evening on TikTok. There’s still a huge misconception about it being just dances and lip-syncs, but if you spend even a couple of minutes seeking out the things you love, the algorithm does the rest. 

You’re presented with tonnes of cool content and communities. I’ve found an amazing amount of music content from performances to reviews, skits and “did you knows”. I’ll easily spend hours scrolling! (Probably the reason I can’t quite get back to those 5am starts …)

Like so many of us during the pandemic, Grant has settled into WFH life and is able to successfully conduct his work for the day, alongside self care and the occasional pub trip. It’s great to hear about the different ways that people have adapted to this new way of life. 

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