A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Charlie Elliott, Strategy Director at Billion Dollar Boy

After working in social media strategy for ten years, Charlie took on the role of strategy director at Billion Dollar Boy two months ago. Charlie has always had a keen interest in the influence space, and she is passionate about applying this in her new role.

Charlie told us how she has noticed that influencers are still seen as a bolt-on in many media plans, which is what drew her towards BDB, as she knew that the team’s focus on looking at the whole digital space through an influencer lens. She reached out to her internal recruiter on LinkedIn speculatively, and it just so happened that the strategy director role at BDB was just about to go live – maybe it was meant to be!

Within her role, Charlie ensures that there is rationale and rigour behind all of her team’s creative ideas, developing how data and research can be used in interesting ways, both for pitches and reporting. She also works on bringing influencers into the wider media mix – really challenging how the industry works with content creators so we don’t stagnate.

Charlie Elliott

Charlie told Talking Influence what an average day in her life tends to look like… 

8:00-9:00: My fiance will make a super-strong coffee (buying him an espresso machine is one of my best decisions ever!), I’ll make us eggs on toast for breakfast and I’ll water my plants or stand out on the balcony to get the fresh air I’d usually get when commuting.

9:00-10:00: Attempt to get my inbox to zero, read through the billion newsletters I’m signed up to in order to see what’s going on in the industry and start blocking out chunks of my diary to get actual work done, otherwise I could end up with a day full of meetings and no time to crack on!

Charlie’s morning coffee

11:00-13:00: If there are pitches on (when is there *not* pitches on?!) then either myself or my awesome Research Exec will do a mix of social listening and trends/data analysis to start getting us to the crux of a problem. I work really collaboratively with the creative team so I’ll keep them posted on what we’re finding and they’ll let me know if there’s something that is exciting to them which we could dig into further. I’ll also be writing Creative briefs and checking in with the New Biz and Account Mgmt teams to talk through upcoming projects.

13:00: Force myself out of the flat to go for a walk. We live close to Highgate Woods and Alexandra Palace so we’re fortunate to have some green spaces to explore. I also love being able to make something from scratch for lunch, it’s such a privilege after years of Pret sandwiches eaten on the go.

14:00-18:00: Alongside pitch research and deck writing, I’ll have 121s with my team, chat with new starters and work on processes to make the Strategy teamwork more efficiently within the wider business. Strategy is a new department here at BDB so there are lots of opportunities to introduce people to the discipline and work together on how we smash the day!

18:00 – The rest of the evening: Shut down my computer once I know everything is covered for the day. I don’t have emails and Slack on my phone while working from home so that I can attempt to have a solid boundary between work and life. I’ll either hop on my Peloton or do some yoga, share the cooking duties with my fiance (if we’re not going to a restaurant now they’re open again!), and if we don’t go to the pub or see friends, we’ll probably watch something on Netflix or scream at Mario Kart on the Switch!

Still fresh to her new role, we can’t wait to see how Charlie grows with the Billion Dollar Boy team, expanding on her expertise and offering valuable input within the influencer sphere as a whole.

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