A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Hannah Wolff, Head of Social Media Management at Born Social

With a decade’s experience working in social for brands such as ASOS, Cult Beauty and Three, Hannah Wolff is now in the role of head of social media management at Born Social. Hannah’s role allows her to unite her experience across influencer marketing, community building, paid media and social content creation.

In her current role, Hannah is able to draw on her background within her current role to ensure her team is set up for success. Whether it’s one-to-one development, on account critting and mentoring, or working closely with other heads-of to ensure ways of working around the agency are seamless and harmonious, the team is at the heart of everything Hannah does. 

Hannah Wolff

Hannah ran Talking Influence through what a day in her life looks like…

6:00: I am pathetically and infallibly a morning person. I’ve spent years trying to cultivate the mystery and allure of a night owl with approximately zero success, so here I am, 6:00am and I’m usually awake before my alarm pings. 

This is my most productive time. Gross, I know, but WFH has meant I’m better able to tailor my working day to my natural rhythms of productivity and I find getting up, making myself an Aeropress and getting back into bed to do a few hours of work before the day even starts sets me up for the rest of the day. My day is often dominated by calls so carving out time for deep work is a real priority for me. 

8:00: With a dent in my to do list and my caffeine levels appropriately replenished, I take my dog, King, out for a walk. He’s a rescue staffy who never quite got used to city life and is a bit skittish around cars so we do loops around the back streets of SE London. King trots along hoping to find discarded snacks on the floor. I listen to Sentimental Garbage’s season-by-season analysis of Sex and the City stray into PHD territory. 

9:00 – 10:00: Where possible, I try to schedule the more demanding calls of my day in the morning. I wasn’t joking when I said I was a morning person and from 3pm, I can practically feel any ability to think strategically disappear. 

This morning I have back-to-back one-to-ones with my team. The social media management team is one of the largest teams in the agency, with one of the largest remits of work which means no call is ever the same. From discussions about personal progression, to helping solve client problems and critting work, it’s this variation that I love most about my role

10:00: Once a week we get together as a full agency to go through team, client and work updates. Today I’m giving an update on some changes we’re making to the SMM team. We’ve got big ambitions over the coming years and now is the time to lay the foundations.

10:30 – 12:30: More one-to-ones.

12:30 – 13:30: There’s a gym at the end of my street that’s so close it taunts me when I miss a workout. I tried my best to stay fit throughout lockdown with a combination of HIIT, pilates and running but inevitably my fitness levels have suffered so I take it easy. Half an hour on the treadmill, a bit of kettlebell work and I’m home, showered and back at my dining room table in time for the next call. 

14:00 – 15:30: Time to get together with the rest of the heads-of. We’re a new team in the agency with a lot to do so time together is invaluable. Today we’re talking about reviewing our pitch processes and strategy phase – how can we make these more collaborative? How do we get the right people in the room at the right time? We also spend time talking about reporting. With this year’s launch of ‘The Social First Brand Whitepaper’ advocating for social as a serious brand building tool, we’re constantly reviewing how best to communicate the value of our work with clients, existing and potential. 

15:30: I spend an hour clearing the build up in my inbox and writing tomorrow’s to do list

16:30: My final call of the day. We’re supporting one of our clients to deliver a global cocktail festival. With the first country starting this weekend, we regroup as an account team to ensure everything’s set to run smoothly – influencer’s prepared, assets scheduled, community management at the ready. 

17:30: I close my laptop and head out for a final walk, this time with my other dog, Frank. She’s a cockapoo and she’s ridiculous. 

19:00: Like the rest of London, Camberwell feels alive with people willing to brave all weather conditions for a pint. Who cares if you can’t feel your fingers? There’s draught beer and food you didn’t have to cook for yourself. Frank and I head to my local with some friends and remember how good it is to see people IRL. 

21:30: Frozen to the core, we head home.

22:30: Bedtime. Lockdown, starting a new job and not being able to get home to Australia to see my family has meant that about the time I put my head down to go to sleep, is about the time my anxiety decides to play up. I’ve found Headspace’s Sleep Casts an ideal way to drown out the mental chatter as I drift off. The Midnight Laundrette is a particular favourite. 

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