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IMS Global 2021: Whalar on Lessons from Lockdown – Driving Digital Business Through Human Connection

In case you missed the Influencer Marketing Show Global virtual event last week, or you want a recap of the wealth of information that our speakers gave us, today, we will be sharing a keynote from Whalar’s President EMEA, Emma Harman.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the influencer marketing sphere, Emma was able to articulately explore the challenges the industry has faced since the pandemic and the lessons that we can implement in the future. Some of Emma’s key points include:

  • Why influencer marketing works and is the future of driving business results.
  • The effect that influencer content has on the brains of audiences.
  • The business opportunity in connecting to more diverse audiences.
Emma Harman, President EMEA at Whalar discusses ‘Lessons From Lockdown: Driving Digital Business Through Human Connection

If you found Emma’s keynote engaging and insightful, make sure you check out the round-up of each day’s IMS sessions, including more from Whalar, to learn more about the trends and topics covered during the three-day event. 

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