A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Amber Wilde, Family Blogger, and Content Creator

In honour of LGBTQ+ history month in the UK, we welcome the return of our Day in the Life series by speaking to blogger, Amber Wilde.

Amber started blogging in 2014 when she and her partner Kirsty found out they were expecting their first set of twins. At the time Amber wasn’t aware of any other same-sex parent families, so wanted to connect with other LGBTQ+ people starting and raising families, and to normalise diverse family structures.

Amber’s blog ‘Meet the Wildes’ quickly took off and provided Amber and Kirsty with the second income that allowed them to stay at home and raise their children – they are now parents to two sets of twins and a toddler. 

You can find Amber on Instagram, where she now has over twenty-thousand followers. The growth of Meet the Wildes has allowed Amber the opportunity to work with brands such as Center Parcs and Disney+, alongside her corporate role as an Estate Manager. 

Amber gives us a rundown of what a day in her life consists of, which she adds – doesn’t include much sleep!

Amber and Kirsty with their children – Balthazar, Lysander, Embla, Olympia and Vita.

06.00ish: The children wake up and consequently, so do the rest of us!  My partner, Kirsty, is usually on morning duty whilst I literally sit upright and start sifting through emails that have come in overnight, for both jobs.

07.00: You will find me slumped somewhere, trying to defend my coffee from my children.  They are six, six, four, four, and two – and ALL love coffee. If I can, I’ll spend some time responding to comments on my social media.

07.30: In defending my coffee, I have been forced to sacrifice my breakfast.  I try to spend some time with the children before.

08.00:  I’m awake enough to start planning my day.  I try to upload to social media daily, so I might say a quick ‘hello’ on stories and share a clip of what we’re up to.  I will also start thinking about what I want to share on my Instagram grid or reel for that day. 

The Wildes busy working and playing.

08.30 – 12.00ish: I’m plugged into my corporate job.

12.30 – 13.30:  We’ll have lunch with the children.  I often use my lunch break to shoot or film whilst the light is good.

13.30- 18.00: Back to work!

18.00: Dinner with the children, and then I take over and do bedtime. They all have their own rooms, and yet they all insist on sleeping in the same room together – often all squished into the same single bed!  Whilst they are falling asleep, after their stories, I’ll head back to Instagram and crack on with responding to comments and messages.

19.30ish: I’ll work on content creation for Instagram whilst my partner works on her hobby – she’s a knitter!

About midnight: Toddler wakes us up coming into our bed, I’ll do a quick check of social media and try to get back to sleep!

Clearly, there aren’t enough hours in the day during the working week so a lot of what I do is actually planned and actioned at the weekends.  I’m really fortunate to have a proactive and supportive agent who takes a lot of the load as well.

It is great to understand and learn more about the life of a family influencer, especially from the perspective of a two mum family. As Amber mentioned, when she started her blogging career she wasn’t familiar with any other LGBTQ+ families, so blogs and Instagram pages that represent diversity can act as a helpful tool to those who have a similar family setup, which often isn’t widely represented. Blogs like Meet the Wildes allow us to see influencers as people we can relate to – authenticity is key to building a loyal audience.