Talking Influence is Launching a Podcast

The team at Talking Influence are extremely excited to announce that our first podcast episode will go live next week. Interviews with our specially selected podcast guests will allow you to gain a greater, more personal understanding of the people who shape the influencer marketing sphere.

Talking Influence, the monthly podcast, will feature interviews with key players within the influencer marketing industry including creators, talent managers, and influencer marketing specialists – we want to talk to anyone who represents the diverse industry.

With our guests, we will be discussing the things that influence them, focussing on three main areas: personal influences, professional influences, and what influences their future and growth.

People, places, progression

Talking Influence has a mission to support everyone’s growth within the eco-system. This is why the format of the Talking Influence podcast aims to focus on the real people who shape the influencer marketing industry, recognising the personalities behind our screens.

You can listen to the trailer for the Talking Influence podcast now, ahead of Episode 1 which will be going live on Wednesday 24th February. 

Talking Influence with: Allen Mao Talking Influence – Influencer Marketing Podcast

Hi listeners! In today's episode, we have a very special guest – this years' Influencer Marketing Awards Rising Star – Allen Mao.  Now in the role of senior strategist at Collectively, Allen found his way into the influencer marketing industry from a non-traditional path. He moved away from his Computer Science career into marketing in the startup space. Allen is an extremely valued member of his team and always has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest trends in influencer marketing. This is why Allen was voted this years' IMA Rising Star. If you want to learn more about why Allen and all of the other IMA winners took home their trophies, you can download the Book of the Night for FREE. Enjoy the episode!
  1. Talking Influence with: Allen Mao
  2. Talking Influence with: Nicole Ocran
  3. Talking Influence with: Ed East (Bonus Episode)
  4. Talking Influence with: Francesca Scambler
  5. Talking Influence with: Stevie Johnson

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