Gleam Futures Launches All-New Consultancy, Gleam Solutions

Gleam Futures has launched an all-new consultancy that allows brands to create and deliver talent-led marketing campaigns.

Talent management company Gleam Futures is launching its own brand consultancy, Gleam Solutions. The consultancy will provide talent marketing solutions to enable brands to access millions of creators globally and deliver talent-led campaigns, ensuring authenticity and creativity are at the heart.

The 360-degree end-to-end offering will give brands access to a team that will help with: strategy, creative, talent selection and vetting, campaign delivery, distribution, and reporting. Gleam said measurement will be key, saying it would go beyond vanity metrics like followers and likes, and look at KPIs like awareness, consideration and purchase intent.

Combining data with Gleam’s 10 years of expertise to inform talent-led strategies that can integrate into more traditional marketing channels, it seemed the next natural place for the business to have evolved to said Dominic Smales, founder and CEO of Gleam Futures. He said the consultancy would deliver effective creative campaigns through a “talent-first lens.”

“Gleam has always been about the talent on the platforms, and it’s the talent that is the unique and valuable part of this entire to the social media revolution,” he said.

“Through Gleam Solutions, an all-new approach to evaluation and measurement will show the industry that no two creators are the same – and that their value should not be measured by the number of followers they have or the number of likes they accrue from post to post,” commented Smales. 

“With the launch of Gleam Solutions we’re also setting out to challenge perceptions of digital-first talent and expand people’s view of what is possible, paving the way for the next phase of marketing,” he said.

Gleam Futures represents the likes of Zoe Sugg, Grace Beverley of Grace Fit U.K., and Mrs. Hinch. Gleam Futures has worked with brands including Kellogg’s, Pandora, Jaguar, and Honda. Gleam wants to continue building industry solutions and is excited for what the future holds as the level of innovation in the industry continues to improve.